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Enjoying Fetishes with your escort can be so much fun!

So, A couple of weeks ago I found myself at a loss. There was nothing on the T.V. and I was unbelievably bored. I decided to have a look on the internet to see what I could find. After lazily browsing for about 15 minutes I happened upon an Australian comedy called ¨The little death¨. It was a 2015 film produced by Josh Lawson. Based on the synopsis I was not sure if it was my kind of film. However, I decided to give it a go. The film is based around 5 couples who are all linked together somehow in their own private lives. It explores how different people approach the world of fetishes. The film starts in the bedroom of two of the main characters. Whilst having some light pillowtalk, Maeve plucks up the courage to tell her partner, Paul, about her fantasy. This confession leads to a comical array attempts by Paul to fulfil her ‘rape’ fantasy. Bit by bit we are introduced to other couples (they all live on the same street), who also are secretly trying to incorporate fetishes into their relationships. Many an expert use the services of an escort agency to fulfill their desires.

Watching the film actually got me thinking about fetishes in general. There are many of us who have a secret sexual desire. Unfortunately, not all of us find ourselves in the situation where we are able to alleviate ourselves. A fetish is a sexual arousal to an inanimate object or a nongenital part of the body. There are many kinds of fetishes. Some are more like kinks whilst others are full blown fetishes. I did a little research on the topic and I have compiled a list of some of the most popular fetishes.

Foot fetish: This fetish basically revolves around feet. It tends to be more of a male fetish than a female one. A foot fetishist is turned on by a person’s foot. Whether it be in a shoe, stocking clad or bare.

Watersports: This fetish is known by many names, urophilia, urolagnia, golden shower…etc. Unlike the name watersports, this fetish has nothing to do with doing sports in the water, ie a lake or the sea. It is, in fact, a sexual arousal with urine. This fetish is actually quite common. Many people enjoy being peed on, or peeing on somebody else. This fetish ties in with domination and submission.

Spanking: Yet another fetish that is related to domination and submission. A lot of people quietly wish that their partner would bend them over and spank them. This fetishism is not only about pain. It is also kinky. This is because when a person is spanked, erogenous zones are stimulated.

Voyeurism/cuckolding: This is one of the fetishes that is popular with some liberal minded couples. Some men or women actually get turned on by watching their partner get aroused by another person. Although a lot of single people find this act to be stimulating. Watching another person get pleasured gratifies both men and women alike.

BDSM: Also known as bondage & discipline, (dominance & submission), sadism & masochism. It involves handing over sexual control to another person. This act can be a highly explosive experience. This fetish has had a lot of stigma attached to it. However, nowadays it is seen as something totally acceptable.

Role play: This is quite possibly the most common fetish around. It is when you act out your innermost sexual fantasy character. Ie…doctor, teacher, CEO, etc. Role play escorts are fast becoming the most popular.

Adult babysitting: This is when a fully grown adult likes to pretend that they are a baby again. They request to be dressed in nappies, have a dummy, talk in ‘baby talk’ etc. The ‘adult baby’ wishes to be looked after and cared for like when they were babies. This fetish is more common amongst men in their late 30`s, However, it is not age restrictive.

Above are mentioned just a few of the most common fetishes around. If you have a fetish then do not worry. You are 100% normal. In fact, you are probably more normal than those who do not admit to having one. The most important factor is to indulge in your particular kink. In a safe and controlled environment. Where all involved are consensual and willing. If you end up being one of the lucky few who can actually relieve themselves. From the sexual tension that never goes away. Then your life will take on a new aspect. Your everyday mundane life will not seem so boring. That once vanilla sex life that you had will become something more electric than a bolt of lightning.

If you are the kind of person who has a little lust for sexual deviance. Contact one of our fetish escorts. They will help you to embrace the salaciousness of your deepest desires.