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Browsing through the Birmingham escort agency website, Helen was looking for a brunette escort. You see, she and her husband Simon, had been having marital problems for some time now. She was feeling sexually frustrated. They had been married for about 30 years and for her, it seemed as though the spark had gone from their lovemaking. She had always kept a secret desire from her husband. The one thing that turned Helen on was the sensuality of a female body. She had spent many hours masturbating with her eyes closed. Imagining how different sex would be with another woman. She longed for the taste of a pussy in her mouth. She closed her eyes, her imagination was so strong that she could almost taste the sweet nectar that Scarlett, the escort who’s profile she was viewing, would produce.

She decided there and then that she would book her. She was scrolling through her availability calendar. When she noticed that Scarlett was available for an overnight appointment the following Friday. What a coincidence, Helen thought, that was the night that she would be hosting a party at her house. Scarlett would fit right in as one of the guests. Once they had all left, Helen’s private party could start!

The following week was filled with anticipation. Simon noticed that Helen seemed more attentive than usual. What he did not realise is that it was because Helen was consumed with excitement. For what lay ahead.

Friday finally arrived, Helen spent most of the afternoon preparing and cooking for the party. She had not realised the time. The clock chimed 8. Not long after, the guests started to arrive. By half past nine, the meal had been eaten and the drinks were flowing. The atmosphere was buzzing. Everybody was having a great time. Simon was being more convivial than usual. He could tell something was going on in Helen’s head. But he could not quite put his finger on what it was.

Bang on time at 10pm, Scarlett rang the doorbell. Helen knew who is was and rushed to greet her. She introduced her to her other guests as a friend who she had met just a few weeks previously.

Scarlett was the perfect party escort. She mingled with the guests as if she knew them all. However, she kept giving Helen soulful glances whenever she was in sight of her. Helen’s heart was pounding. It was only now that the reality of what was about to transpire hit her, that she had a pang of guilt about how Simon would react. Though, when she caught a glimpse of her husband drunkenly flirting with Scarlett. The guilt soon dissipated.

Helen could not wait for all the guests to leave. She could see that everybody was being entertained by the DJ outside. So, she walked over to Scarlett and took her hand. She gently led her up the stairs towards her bedroom. What she did not realise was that Simon had noticed everything. He quietly crept up behind them and stood at the closed door to his room. He could hear moaning from inside the room. He could feel his heart skip a bit and feel the strain of his trousers. As his cock hardened from the anticipation. He had never envisaged this scenario. He opened the door ever so slightly. Until her could see the naked bodies of his wife and Scarlett writhing on the bed. His wife had never looked more beautiful than she did at that precise moment in time.

He watched on as Helen slowly spread Scarlett’s legs apart. Helen was lost in lust. The scent of Scarlett permeated her olfactory senses. Sending her into a state of translucent ecstasy. The taste was exactly as Helen had expected…ambrosia, the nectar of the Gods.

Simon could not believe his eyes. His wife was lying between the thighs of another woman on their matrimonial bed bringing her to an earth-shattering climax. His cock was harder than it had ever been before. The throbbing music from the disco outside seemed to beat out a tempo that matched his heartbeat.

He gripped his throbbing cock as his imagination exploded in a thousand different tangents. Within moments his breathing came in short, sharp gasps. He could feel the electricity course through his body as his hot, sticky cum spilled from his engorged member. He had to put his hand over the end to stop it squirting. He was sure it would have reached the bed. As his orgasm was so powerful.

As he slowly returned to the party, Simon realised why Helen had been acting so affectionately all week…the anticipation! This was a scenario that would have to be repeated. Simon mused as to how he would broach the subject with Helen.