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Our horoscopes generally give us an idea as to the kind of personality traits we possess. Some of us read our horoscopes daily. Others go to extremes of trying to find a partner, who is supposed to be our ‘love match’, according to their star sign. Whether or not this actually works is debateable. I have some friends, who according to their star sign, should be incompatible in a relationship. Yet, they have been together for decades. I think a lot of these ‘compatibility’ tests should be taken with a pinch of salt. One thing that does seem to be more reliable is a sexual compatibility. If you have a healthy sexual interest. Ideally you need to be with somebody who compliments your needs. If you are a podophile, you are not really ideally matched with somebody who is podophobic!

During my never-ending search to find that ‘one’ person who is my match. I decided to carry out a survey. Which would determine people’s sexual compatibility, based on their star sign and their sexual fetish.

I have to say, I found this study, which took quite a while to complete, extremely interesting and enlightening. The most interesting part of the results were that the people who were in a successful, contented and long-term relationship. Were the ones who were initially incompatible based on the ‘love compatibility tests’, yet their sexual fetishes were entirely compatible with the other.

Below, I have compiled my results into an easy to read structure. Hopefully, it will help those of you on a quest for love!

  • Aries: Are commonly known as being the ultimate fighters. They have an uncommon courage. This characteristic provides them with an amount of bravery, the likes of which is not granted to many. Ariens can be found enjoying the kinky world of BDSM. After all, it takes a certain person to want to be indulged in extreme situations.
  • Taurus: The bull! The bull is generally associated with being a strong, determined animal. Taureans show this same virtue. They have a strong strength of will, making them very strong-willed. A Taurean tends to assert themselves more openly than others. Making them a very dominant character. They like to be in control and tend to have dominant kinks. In fact, the majority of the Taureans in the study, admitted to getting a sexual high, when being able to lead a sadism role.
  • Gemini: Gemini’s tend to have incredible communication skills. They are the ones who love to lie back and analyse how a sexual encounter went with their partner. A lot of the Gemini’s in the study, interestingly, admitted to having contracted the services of a GFE escort so that they could fully explore their communication skills. With Gemini’s being so communicative, it is kind of obvious that would have a fetish that involves communicating. The most common fetish for this star sign is…wait for it…Bondage! Bondage play demands a lot of communication to ensure that nothing goes wrong!
  • Cancer: Boundless humour is the main personality trait for those that fall under the Cancer sign. They can laugh at themselves as much as at others. However, this is always done without malice. It is, therefore, quite understandable, that they would be the ones who are into role-play. They have no inhibitions about dressing up and taking on a different persona, so as to spice up their love life!
  • Leo: Protect and serve Leo’s are all about taking care of their partners. It takes a strong, dominant person to be able to do this. It goes without saying, that the majority of Dom(mes) tend to be Leo’s.
  • Virgo: With their selfless service to others. A Virgo will happily submit themselves to the will of another. In order to please them. However, unlike Pisces, Virgos have an ulterior motive. They tend to have an underlying quid pro quo. Do something for me, I will do something for you. This characteristic does not owe itself to a true submissive person in every-day life. It is, however, very representative of a person, who only wants to be a sexual submissive. Somebody who has a fetish of submission. This person, tends to be a dominant character is their daily lives.
  • Libra: Being a consummate peacemaker, Librans are the only zodiac sign who does not show an interest in fetishes. They prefer a more intimate, sensual experience. They could be described as vanilla. This does not mean that they are boring. It just means that they are sexually contented with their and their partners skill. They do not need any type of sexual enhancement to enjoy being intimate.
  • Scorpio: Scorpions are well-known truth seekers. They enjoy observing to be able to get a good grasp of the situation. Almost everybody involved in the study who got turned on by voyeurism showed this same trait and were also Scorpions.
  • Sagittarius: The ever so optimistic and enthusiastic Sagittarian knows that what he has is worth keeping. He invests his time into finding more and more ways of enhancing the sensations that he so adores. They are enthusiastic about trying new experiences and sensory accelerants. The most common fetish within the Sagittarians that took part in the study was cuckolding.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns have an unstoppable ambition. They are not content when having to settle for the run of the mill mundanity. They have a fetish that can be seem more like violence than pleasure to some. However, when in bed with a Capricorn, be prepared for some rough sex. They adore the harder, physical aspect of a sexual relationship. Do not be surprised if they incorporate a bit of biting or hair pulling.
  • Aquarius: The water bearer is often known to jump in with both feet first. They are adventurous spirits, always looking for the next high. This lust for life also transposes to their sex life too. They adore participating in the more adventurous fetishes. So, it is hardly surprising that they match up perfectly with the fetish of swinging. They are confident people, who like to spice things up with a bit of extreme pleasure.
  • Pisces: You would have thought that being associated to the fish. That pisceans would be the ones who indulge is watersports. However, that is not the case. Those born under the Pisces sign tend to be altruistic souls. This leads them to be naturally submissive. Always eager to please. Without ever expecting anything in return. This makes for the perfect submissive partner.

Of course, there are many other fetishes out there. Not all of them are mentioned above. Also, not every fetish can be characterised by the date you were born.

If you find that you have not yet found the star sign, that is most compatible with your sexual kink. Why not indulge yourself and explore your intimate capriciousness with a Fetish Birmingham escort?