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Have you ever thought about sex with a sex doll?

A couple of days ago, I found myself scrolling through a well known social networking site. There I was, finger swiping upwards so I could quickly scroll past photos of what my friends had eaten for their lunch. When I read the headlines of an article. ‘my husband is having an affair with a sex doll’. Well, that piqued my interest. It certainly seemed like a more interesting read than what my friends had published. I clicked on to the article with intrigue. The photo that opened the article was of a middle aged man. He was sat on the sofa with his arm around an animatronic female doll. In the foreground was his wife sat at a table. The article introduced the man as married. Him and his wife had been married for quite a few decades. However, it seems that he had been having ‘relations’ with a blow up sex doll for many years. Over time, he had saved up to buy himself a more lifelike sex doll. His wife permits it because as far as she can see. He is staying faithful to the marriage by not wondering off and having an affair with another woman.

Now, I have heard about these animatronic dolls before. And from what I can gather, there has been a lot of controversial hype surrounding them. Basically, these robots are styled to look like women. They have hair, moveable limbs. Of course, they have genitalia too. There has been a mixed opinion regards these dolls. Some people have regarded them to be nothing more than a bit of fun. Men in a committed relationship use them for sex as they feel like they are not actually cheating on their partners. The men who are single and use them, do so because it is a way of relieving their urges without having to complicate things by going with a woman. Others see them as wrong. They think that sex with inanimate objects is not normal.

Do not be unfaithful with a sex doll

There is some argument that when a man engages in a ‘relationship’ with one of these dolls. They see it was if they are not being unfaithful to their partner. As it could well be seen as if they are just masturbating in an elaborate manner. I don’t know. It sounds as if they are justifying it to themselves. Or like they want to have an affair without the moral implications. On the other hand, I suppose it could be argued that women use sex toys to enhance their sex life all the time. The toys are meant to resemble the male phallus. The majority of them are actually very life like. What is the difference the between a dildo and one of these dolls? I suppose it all depends on people’s perspectives.

Recently, a brothel was opened in Spain, where men and women, although mainly men. Could book time with a ‘girl’. The girls were not of flesh and blood. They were in fact, sex dolls. Making these dolls more available to men. At the end of the day, these dolls costs thousands to buy. Not everybody has the funds to be able to purchase one. Having them accessible for people to hire is quite an ingenious way of making money.

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that sex should be something done with human interaction. With willingness too. Whether that be 1 man 1 woman, 2 men, 2 women, a threesome or any other combination of people.

That is where I think that escorts Birmingham could be a good alternative. They provide all the fun that a doll does. Plus more! When having intercourse with a doll its provides a very comfortless experience. There are no sounds. No noise. No sensuality from touching either. In fact, it can be a very uncherished experience. By booking an escort for even a quick half hour incall. You will be able to have all the fun you want with all of the sensations that make for good sex. An escort can help you to live out fantasies or just have a bit of fun. Do things that you have not yet done with other women. All of this can be done without going out and ending up in having an affair.