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George was a sailor, he loved going out on his boat spending the entire day sailing. His little boat was his life. He had spent many hours restoring it from the wreck it was when he first got it to it being the gleaming little sail boat it was today.

George`s main hobby was his boat. Whether it was sailing, polishing or just simply dropping anchor and doing a bit of fishing. As he was retired, he could spend as much time as he possibly wanted on the love of his life. If anybody was looking for George, they would first check the harbour.

What people did not know, is that this was not GeorgeĀ“s only hobby. He was closet naturalist. The main reason why he had the boat was so that he could strip off as soon as he was out of eyesight. The only time George dressed was when he was out and about in the street. However, that was not the secret that he wanted to keep close to his chest. His main passion was women. He adored them. George spent every possible moment of his time thinking about, no, obsessing over the female form. He became aroused every single time that he thought of a woman. So, to quench this thirst that he had, he regularly booked an escort. Many of his friends asked him why he was still single. George simply told them that his boat was the woman of his life and there was no room for another. But deep inside, George knew the real reason. He had never found a woman who could put up with his sex-drive. George yearned for sex continuously. He realised, many years ago, that teenage escorts were the only girls who could keep up with his extreme libido. So, that is how he lived his life. On his boat naked, usually masturbating from afar as he secretly watched the local sexy women sunbathe topless. Even he surprised himself that at his age he could masturbate and climax as often as he did.

Normally, George booked escorts to visit him at his house. He preferred to book an outcall than to visit her, because watching a naked woman walk around his house made him as hard as wood. However, one day whilst he was sat wanking on his boat, he had an idea. Why not combine everything that turned him on into one event. He booked his usual escort for an outcall, but changed the meeting place to the harbour. Whilst he and his blonde escort were sailing out of the harbour. His imagination was in overdrive. The thoughts that were going through his head were exceptionally stimulating. So much so that he thought he would explode before he had even had the chance to live out his fantasy. He sailed to his favourite part of the marina, it was a little cove that had the perfect view of the beach yet was hidden away from prying eyes. True to form, the sun-obsessed holidaymakers were out sunbathing topless, some of the women were even playing beach volley ball. Their buoyant breasts jumping up and down, teasing him. As soon as he dropped anchor, George stripped naked, his little blonde plaything followed suit. Her amazing lithe body glistened under the sunlight. As part of today`s games he wanted to absorb as much of her little, 19 year old body as much as possible. He massaged sun cream into every part of her naked skin. The sun was already starting to turn her pale skin red. He had anchored the boat in a position that enabled him to live out his deepest fantasy. He turned her around and bent her over the bench in the middle of the boat. Her pert little ass and pussy were exposed to the heat of the sun. He had the perfect view, her naked body bent over in front of him and in the distance semi naked women with their bouncing breasts.

George plunged himself deep inside her. The feeling were far more intense than when he was alone wanking. It seemed that the situation was just as stimulating for his 19 year old plaything too. Before long, he could feel her little body shiver. He tightened his grip around her waist as she clamped down on him. At that precise moment, he looked up to see a woman stand up on the beach and stretch. Taught body was open for all to see. The physical euphoria he was feeling along with the visual stimulation provoked him to come. They both reached climax together. The intensity forced their bodies even closer as he held her tight and squirted hot come into her soaking wet pussy. Both of them felt the ripples of electricity soar through their bodies. As they collapsed into a hot, sweaty and sticky heap on the floor of the hull.

George could hardly get his breath back. That was one of the most intense orgasms he had felt in his entire life. He grinned to himself with contentment, he now knew how he could indulge himself and have all of his passions combined into one. His sailboat had led him to discover a new sexual experience that he was going to enjoy again and again.