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West Midlands Fantasy Role Play Outcall

With apprehension, I opened up my laptop and logged in. This was my first time visiting the West Midlands and the loneliness was starting to get me down. I had decided to entertain myself with an escort in West Midlands Now, this was not something that I would normally do. I mean, I am a happily married man. However, after being here for so long the yearning for female company was starting to become a physical ache. I was in need of a way to appease the fire that had been steadily growing deep in my loins. There were so many different escort agencies to choose from, a handful of services too. To say that I was momentarily confused is an understatement. Anyway, after a quick check in an online dictionary, I began to understand the lingo that was being used. As I was staying in a 4* hotel; all paid for by the company I might add, I thought the most convenient service would be to book a West Midlands escort for an outcall service. Once I had made the booking a strange feeling swept over me. A mixture of excitement and nervousness enveloped me. I felt like a horny teenage schoolboy all over again. I had a couple of meetings to go to before the escort was due to arrive. Before long it was 6pm and I was on my way back to the hotel. I had just enough time to have a shower and shave before my escort arrived. To be honest, I was not quite sure of what to expect. One thing that I did know was what I expected to get out of the appointment. You see, I had always had a secret desire to participate in role play. My wife could not understand why it always attracted more. So, I had never been indulged before, I have always wanted to be with a woman who is dressed as a sexy maid.

The Naughty French Maid

As I stepped out of the shower, I caught a glimpse of my own tumescence. I felt invigorated and alive. Before I knew it there was a knock at the door. I peeped through the spyglass in the door and saw that my sinful pleasure for the night had arrived. She did not look like I had expected. Maybe I had been prejudiced and judgmental. She looked like any other woman did. She was impeccably dressed in a tight satin black dress with killer heels on. Her makeup was faultless. If I had not seen her photo on the agency page I would have never surmised that she was an escort. As she sashayed past me into my room, I noticed that she was carrying a small case with her. I followed her over towards the bed and she slowly started to remove my clothing, piece by piece. Each time she touched me waves of lust spread through my body. I was longing to undress her too. Just as I reached out to unzip her dress she placed her hands on my shoulders and encouraged me to sit on the bed. She proceeded to remove a black sash from her holdall and gently tied it around my eyes. The anticipation of what was to come was driving me to a new hedonistic height. Sensations that were unfamiliar made me momentarily forget about the stresses the day had brought about. With my sight deprived my other senses came into their own. This sexy role play outcall escort in West Midlands was driving me crazy. I could hear her moving around. From time to time her sweet fragrance impregnated my nasal passages. The hairs on my arms started to stand on end when she came closer to me. I could feel her proximity as if there were a magnetic field surrounding her. She told me to slowly remove the blindfold and to lie back and relax. I could not believe what I was looking at. I felt like a child at Christmas. The excitement had became a physical sensation bubbling inside me. I could feel my groin tighten even more so and become damp with lust. There she was, right in front of my eyes clad in a short, frilly, French maid costume. She bent down into her holdall and pulled out a feather duster………….To be continued in part 2.