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About Tori

A genuinely submissive Birmingham escort, with toys, uniforms and the open mindedness to ensure that clients get the full experience, is a very rare find, in many countries worldwide, no matter how hard/where you are looking. A lot of escorts sit there and say ‘‘ooh look at me i’m a submissive, because i lay on my back, open my legs and let you do all the work’’. This is NOT what a submissive is… Having dead fish syndrome just means you are lazy i’m afraid!

Tori is a submissive escort in Birmingham who truly enjoys offering many submissive services, it is her self confessed kink and something she loves to offer to clients. Providing you wish many toys to add to the pleasure and experience – In her arsenal you will find things such as; Dildo’s, Vibrators and also restraints for her wrists and ankles.

Open to requests

Because she is such a liberal and broad minded minx, you will find your wishes, whatever they may be, to be carried out and made into a very real reality for you. Toe curling gratification from the second your appointment with her starts, is exactly what you are going to receive – With reviews to back such a statement up!

Escort Tori is a real submissive girl, who you need to take the more dominant position with to get the best out of.
When it comes to the companion side of things, she is very much a lady who you would suspect to take on the ‘‘innocent’’ role in the bedroom, because of her very sweet and kind personality. She is a naturally warm, loving and kind of ‘mothering’ type, who wants to put a smile on your face and who derives pleasure from yours. She makes being happy and joyful seem so simple, when you are around her. Giving you a rejuvenated and uplifting feeling, that cannot quite be replicated with another lady. Hence why clients regularly return to her warm embrace and angel like touch.

A Submissive Birmingham escort of such a world class quality is going to also, always look and smell gorgeous. Being discreet yet looking like a classy and well groomed individual.