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Set the scene….You are in your hotel room and you get a knock at the door. You answer it and you are greeted by Sonya, a tall, slim, blonde Birmingham dominatrix escort. Before you get the chance to invite her in she is already telling you to sit on the bed. From the very get go her dominating personality is obvious. You catch a glimpse of what she is carrying, her bag of tricks is bursting with toys and other paraphernalia. She buckles a black collar around your neck and tells you that for the next hour, you are her sex slave. You must give in to her every demand. What better way to spend a Friday night than to give in to the demands of Sonya? For the next few hours she will order you to cater to her every whim. The dismissive tone in her voice as she orders you to strip will send shivers of anticipation through your body.

Romania boasts a very dominating character from history..Dracula. His passion for dominance seems to have been passed through the culture to modern day society. Dominatrix Birmingham escorts like Sonya executes this skill with prowess and charm. This leggy blonde dominatrix escort in Birmingham will drive you crazy with desire. She has a slim body and long legs that seem to never end. Imagine how great it would feel to be on all fours, being whipped or spanked and looking up to see this beautiful body clad in a basque and heels. It is enough to make you want to be naughty so as to be corrected. If being dominated to the extreme is what you find more appealing then why not request that Sonya joins you in a bit of watersports? She loves nothing more than making her submissive client receive a good soaking.

Even though Sonya’s heritage is Romanian, she has a very high level of English. Meaning that there will be no misunderstanding any of her orders.

Her powerful presence will engulf the room making you want to comply with her every order. Have you been naughty? Allow our Birmingham dominatrix escort Sonya to dole out the appropriate punishment. She will be in charge and her will, will be obeyed.