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Do you toss and turn at night, dreaming about finding a female cum-gargling connoisseur to kneel in front of you; her big doe eyes lighting up with delight as you pull your finest vinegar face and shoot an egg-cupful down her gullet?
Do you fantasize about filling the mouth of one of our CIM Birmingham escorts and red-hot knob-gobbler with your lumpy libations?
Do you crave that post-cumshot feeling and aura of supremacy when your oneiric nymph slowly takes one of her nimble fingers and tries to playfully wipe the drool and baby-gravy dribbling down her chin, whilst feigning that “hmmmm…that was delicious” murmur and giving a fake smile as she tries desperately not to retch and hurl all over your dreamscape reverie?
To spare your nocturnal hours turning into a nightmare scenario of bed-sweating terror….
allow us to introduce you to Scarlett the harlot; a girl who enjoys CIM from our Birmingham escort agency that doesn’t mind rinsing her tonsils with a sperm mouthwash.

Scarlett is a gorgeous 25 year old CIM escort in Birmingham with a lengthy 5 foot 10 frame, 34DD juggs, long brown hair and large blue eyes. She is renown for her oral and swallowing skills.
Yet Scarlett doesn’t just specialise in being a spunk-swilling strumpet.
She has an easy going and down to earth personality and offers a massive collection of services, both as incall and outcall options.
She can be superb companion for a exciting night out in the city, pubbing and clubbing. If you want an eager and thirsty woman so you can successfully practice that chivalrous weekend pastime of pouring shots down a girls throat…so you can shoot down her throat later, then Scarlett will prove your dream choice!

There is no need to squeeze the nose and punch the larynx, in a desperate attempt to lubricate the throat and stomach, of any random babe who has just taken a mouthful of your jism, any more!
By booking a gloop-gulping CIM escort, like Scarlett, you can spare yourself the infamy of a social media hate campaign from that “forced-it-down” random babe and her friends…and the court case…by investing in women who clearly doesn’t mind getting her tongue sticky.