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About Sara

Sara is a young Birmingham escort with only nineteen years of age. There are various reasons, as to why clients have a real weakness for this young lady. With excellent reviews flooding in for this second to none lady and the beauty in which she adorns, with stunning yet discreet clothing and well done make-up.

We have picked out the 4 top reasons for this young woman’s magnetism, which clients will also tell you are 100% accurate.


Sara is a young escort in Birmingham who indeed has a real joyous personality. She sees the good in all situations and is able to allow you to do the same. Hence why many of men book with escort Sara and use some of the time to tell her their feelings and worries. You can really treat her like your girlfriend when you are with her.


She is the type of girl to take home the stray dog she found in the street. She has a heart of gold and is incredibly sympathetic and friendly. Being a young escort that is just so sweet, you cannot help but find yourself falling for her.


This young Birmingham escort is rather unique, in the sense that she is not trying to be like the lady on the front cover of her favourite magazine. She is herself – Bringing her own form of beauty to the table. An original is worth more than a copy and Sara certainly knows this. Embracing her perfections and imperfections she is simply wonderful. Herself is certainly enough to have a man’s mind blown.


All you have to do is look above, at her portfolio, to realise why physically she is considered one of the most beautiful Romanian escorts in the city. Having a slender and model like body with long dark hair, a stunning facial visage and the most beautiful pearly white smile you have ever seen. She takes a lot of pride in herself and this certainly shows.
Escort Sara is stunning inside and out. But the real beauty comes from her heart. Being such a warm and compassionate young lady. Every single trait listed above is what, combined, makes her such a beautiful young escort girl.