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Being a deep throat Birmingham escort is not something that you can just turn up and be. Not many people know this, but it takes many years of practice and a lot of skill to be able to perform such an act on a male’s shaft. There are plenty of women who cannot and simply will not ever be able to give you a deep throat experience. This is because of the natural gag-reflex that all men and women alike possess. You have to learn how to overcome and learn to control your gag-reflex. Usually your deep throat escort in Birmingham will almost immobilize her tongue when giving deep throat, so that they are not able to suck.

To give deep throat, the position is important. Ruby’s mouth and throat will need to be aligned and made into a straight line, while she breathes in and out through her nose. Making things such as 69’ing a great way for deep throat to take place. Normally, deep throating means lots of saliva. It cannot be avoided. Which is something that men absolutely love. Can you think of a better feeling that a wet and sloppy blowjob while you have the entire of your shaft in your deep throat escorts mouth?! Ruby is also one of our CIM Birmingham escorts which ties in nicely with the deep throat you will receive. It can be rather annoying at times, when you have to take your penis out of the mouth of your escort to finish (often it makes the orgasm loose the umph it would have had or making you loose the need to orgasm all together), however, with escort Ruby, the intense pleasure doesn’t need to end until you say so.

Deep throat Birmingham escort Ruby, will have you in a new height of euphoria and satisfaction. One that very few, if any, other women are able to achieve and give to you, be they an escort or otherwise.

Escort Ruby is a really popular choice and for some very good reasons. You only have to read client reviews, that have been specifically left for her, on her profile page, to see for yourself why she is the girl you need to meet!