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About Roxana

Roxana is one of the most stimulating ladies around. She is the most recent of the dominant Birmingham escorts to join our agency. As she is new to the agency. Escort Roxana is looking to build up her client base.

Escort Roxana is 26 years old. Her age means she is of an age where she is sexually aware of all around her. She has gone through the flighty, giggly stage and is now an exceptionaly confident lover. She is a beautiful girl with an amazing body. She knows her body is sexy. This is how she can be so confident in the bedroom. Five feet four inches tall, Roxana stands at average height. She has a sensationally toned and slim body and wears a sexy UK size 8 dress. She has beautiful petitie breasts that at a cup size 32B. Love to be tweaked and sucked. She has naturally long blonde hair. Which hangs sexily just below her shoulders. Her piercing green eyes are like no other. She is of Romanian nationality. However, she speaks enough English to make sure that your time together goes smoothly. Without any communicative problems.

Ever been with a dominatrix?

If you have had enough of living a life having to be in charge all the time. Then what you need is an escort like Roxana to take the lead. She has a dominant character and can be as dominant as you need her to be. She enjoys taking charge of the bedroom situation. She is the favourite of all men who need a dominatrix in their lives. If you feel like all you ever do in your sexual encounters is lead and be on the top. Then you should consider giving Roxana a try. You cannot afford to be a timid mouse with Roxana. Because she will punish you for your weakness. Then show you the ultimate pleasures of submissive sex. She will drain you of everything. Except for that reservoir of necessary energy required. To return to visit her as soon as possible. Once this vixen is dressed in her bondage suit. You will be on your knees begging her to dominate you. This sultry dominant escort Birmingham knows just how to make you tremble with excitement. Once she gets her mouth around a particular body part. You will struggle to keep your cool. She will allow you to choose where you wish to deposit your excitement….on her breasts or on her face!

Enjoy the ride of your life

There are many acts that this dominant escort in Birmingham will do.You just simply have to lie back and enjoy the ride. If you are looking for a girl who will give you more of a relationship type of experience. Escort Roxana can do that. She provides a very sensual full girlfriend experience. She will give you everything you need to feel fulfilled. Whether you wish to chat. Or desire to feel wanted by a sexy woman. Roxana is your girl! Escort Roxana also provides her male customers with one off experiences too. This suits men who just fancy a quick release of sexual tension.

She offers so many indulgent experiences that it is difficult to choose just one.

Allow this sensual creature take you on the most intense anal journey of your life. Her pert bottom looks amazing when in the correct position to take you wholly. If you have never had the chance to experiment with anal play. Then you are missing out on the most intense sensation ever. The tightness of her butt intensifies the sensations felt tenfold.

True sensuality

For an unparalleled experience in sheer sensuality. This dominant Birmingham escort has no equals. She will astound you with the depth of her expertise. Of her understanding too of what a man wants and needs. Do not tell your friends about Roxana. Because you might find that the next time you call for an appointment. She could be booked solid for several weeks ahead. This is an experience you will want to hoard like a pirate’s treasure. You will return again and again to experience and satisfy your lust for pure gold.