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Being a fetish Birmingham escort, does not mean that you offer a particular type of service. ‘Fetishes’ cover a wide range of services, covering things such as BDSM and various kinks. Most things, apart from, your typical ‘girl opens her legs, guy gets on top’ vanilla rubbish, you will find comes under a type of fetish service.

Every fetish escort in Birmingham you encounter, will most likely enjoy and dislike various different things, so it is a good idea to check with the lady in question whether she is happy to give you the type of Birmingham escort service you are in the mood for.

In Riley’s case, she offers a few services in particular, as well as being very open to new requests and ideas from her clients. Some of the things she offers are as follows:

Submissive Birmingham escorts: Riley is Birmingham’s most amazing fetish escort and many clients enjoy her taking on a more submissive role with them. She can indeed, take the lead in a more submissive mannerism, if the client wishes. She is submissive in the fact, that she really loves being told what to do. Following your every command with a kinky smile on her face!

Tied up: This one kind of links into the previously stated ‘submissive’ fetish Riley has. She enjoys being restrained, whether it is from handcuffs, you pinning her arms above her head or from something such as ankle restrains (If you have watched the newest 50 shades of Grey movie, you’ll know what these are).

Dressing up: Fetish Birmingham escort Riley, enjoys dressing up in various, very sexy outfits and various pieces of lingerie for clients. There has been a few incidents, when clientele have seen her in a requested outfit and not been able to (How do we put this gently…) ‘last’ more than 15 seconds after, such a delightful sight.

Riley is a fetish escort whose demeanor, eagerness and services are second to absolutely no one. She is the most commendable escort in the area for many, many, many reasons. You can book Riley for as long, or as many days a week as you wish, so you never have to come back from paradise!