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Well… where do we start with this English Birmingham escort? This girl has us and clients from across the region lost for words, with her enthusiastic and incredibly eager approach to her work. Pandora is the most phenomenal girl you will ever meet.


Pandora is an English escort in Birmingham who absolutely loves entertaining couples. It is one of her favourite types of meetings! She is genuinely bisexual, so can interact with the female in your relationship, just as much as the male. She has an endless amount of ideas of what naughty games you can all get up to together. Being able to put the spark back between you both and give you an erotic experience that is out of this world.

She loves allowing couples to test out their fantasies. Many couples return to Pandora for another session. Seeing her regularly, as she is such an amazing person to temporarily bring into the most intimate part of your relationship, for an agreed amount of time.

If you are a couple that comprises of a male and a female, there is truly no better girl to be with. Of course, you are going to be nervous. Whether it is because you have never added another female into the bedroom before, or whether you are just nervous about meeting this English escort for the first time, and are well into your two-sum becoming and three-sum. This will depend on each individual relationship. However, Pandora truly understands that there will be some form of nerves and is the type of Birmingham escort for couples to put them at ease, the very moment you meet her.
She is a really nice girl who is easy to get along with. Having a good sense of humour and a laid back, ´go with the flow´ type of persona.


As we lightly mentioned above – This English Birmingham escort is a girl who time just flies with. Pandora is an extremely likable and down to earth. With a very genuine, sweet personality. She is very relaxing to be around – The type of girl you really want to be around!

You will find her to be very polite, well mannered and able to make you feel amazing. She puts you on cloud nine, every single time. Making you feel like you are the only person(s) in her life. Within five minutes, you will feel as if you have known her for a lifetime. She is not a shy type of girl, in any regard. Being very self assured; her confidence certainly rubs off on you. Reassuring you, that you can be yourself around escort Pandora, without having to worry or think about it.
She is in no way judgemental or discriminating. In fact, she loves meeting people from all walks of life! Offering her services to clients of any race or age range. This English escort Birmingham is absolutely world class, when it comes to her personality. You will not be able to fault her.


Her way of being is commendable. But, nothing will prepare you for the pleasure you are going to receive when you are alone with her. This English escort takes you to a paradise of sexual gratification that can be as sensual or as salacious as you require. She is so open minded, that she has very few limits. Being able to be your dominatrix or submissive without any limitations. She is really going to blow your mind. Trust us when we tell you that she will be a thousand times better than your initial expectations for her, no matter how good you were thinking she will be as your companion and playmate. Pandora is absolutely beyond compare.

She has more regular clients than any other escort around, because she is notably amazing at what she does. You can just tell she loves being with you and has a real passion for her work.