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About Maya

A Birmingham lap dance escort is exactly the kind of woman to set your body aflame with burning passion. You will not be able to hide your excitement for long. If at all! Allowing the gratification to flow through one another’s body like a sensual surge of electricity that makes you weak at the knees. As a result, you will find it hard to think straight and come out of the trance she seemes to have put you in. After and during your encounter with her that is.

In short, this Birmingham lap dance escort wears out our body but captures the heart and mind. Leaving you pumped with sensual adrenaline and totally bewitched by her abilities. Having skills that are unlike anything you can get taught in a classroom ladies and gentlemen! She is a total natural when it comes to her escort jobs in Birmingham.

Very personal experience

You will find that this lap dance escort in Birmingham has all of her attention on you, from the get go. Maya is an incredible lady to be with for this reason. She naturally puts your desires at the front of her mind. Not being shy in making them a reality, for you. Correspondingly, acquiring her pleasure from your gratification – Sexual or otherwise. Just seeing you enchanted. Meanwhile, grinning from ear to ear. Makes her feel just as good as you do. She really does adore giving. Uniquely, giving herself a sense of pleasure in the process.

In fact, this is but one of many reasons that clients just cannot stay away from her. Lap dance escort Maya is said to give the best girlfriend experience. Confirmed by even the most seasoned of clients in the city.

Maya is one of our Classy escorts Birmingham that certainly take top prize when it comes to her services and personality.

However, there another aspect of the appointment that clients cannot get enough of. Being a Birmingham lap dance escort. She is a professional, when it comes to giving an arousing and flawless customer service. Furthermore, being able to give a lap dance (of course) that will blow your mind and really show you just how naughty and even flexible she can truly be. The bedroom is truly her playground. You are sure to be the benefactor of her playful and mischievous ways and adore being so.

Exotic passion

Being a lap dance escort Birmingham who, actually, originated from the well-known country called Romania. The first thing to remember, is that just because she is from another country, does not necessarily mean that she cannot speak the language. In Birmingham lap dance escort Maya’s case, she can talk English to a very good level. Not having any problems in general.

Maya will give you an incredible and certainly, unforgettable experience. Having a body that was simply built to pleasure and catch the eyes of all those around. She is a petite dress size six to eight, yet still has a shapely body. Having curves in all the right places. Although, has a pert 32A pair of breasts. That are often referred to as cute and fun to play with.

Of course, being a lap dance escort that is 34 years old. She is naturally knowledgeable when it comes to how to act in a public situation and indeed how to make a man feel good. You can have total confidence in escort Maya, when booking with her. Knowing that you are in safe hands, for sure. She will really look after you. Leaving you hankering to return time after time, to see her and be subjected to the satisfaction that she gives.

This lap dance escort Birmingham can be submissive or dominant without any limits. She is, without a doubt, not scared to show you what she is capable of. Maya is nowhere near shy or timid, when playing either role for you. You will find that she will carry out your requests. Or, give you orders; and have a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face while doing so.