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About Lia

Lia is a dainty girl, this petite Birmingham escort is only 5 feet 1 inches tall. They all say that the perfect gift comes in small packages. Well, it is certainly true about Lia.

25 year old Lia is perfect for the older client who wishes to feel like his virility is still as potent as it used to be. She will make any man feel like he is in his 20’s again. Her lust for life combined with her sensuality is sexually stimulating. If you are one of those men who dream of being with a younger woman. Maybe you should consider having fun with Lia. This petite escort in Birmingham is a very sexually confident girl. Who knows what men are looking for. She is exceptionally confident in bed. She is comfortable in her own skin which makes her clients feel relaxed and not so self conscious when in her company.

High quality petite escort

One of Lia’s most attractive qualities. Is that she is a spontaneous lover. She hates monotony both in and out of bed. This is what makes her such an amazing escort. Your time with her will never be boring. She likes to spice things up in bed by introducing new positions. Her dainty 5 foot 1 inch body allows her to move into positions that a taller woman might not even think of. With her being spontaneous. It removes the pressure for her clients to constantly be thinking of their performance. Therefore, allowing them to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Escort Lia is like an open book. She is very expressive and it is easy to see how pleasured she is. This in turn, is very stimulating for her clients. Nobody can say that seeing a woman turned on is not the most stimulating thing in the world. Her excitement will make you want her even more.

Sexy girl

This sexy petite escort Birmingham is well and truly bisexual. She enjoys being sexual with both men and women. Her touch on the female body is just as arousing as it is on the male body. Lia oozes sexuality no matter who she is with. Women can book a titilating time with Lia just as much as a man can. In fact, the female clients who have been with escort Lia. Enjoy themselves more than they have with another woman or man before being with her. Her customer reviews show just how contented her clientele are after their adventures with her.

Even though escort Lia is not a tall escort, she has an amazing body. She is perfectly shaped to be caressed and held. Her 36C bust is unusual on a girl of her build. Her shape is a welcome to the horniest of eyes. She takes good care of herself to make sure that she maintains a sexy and sultry body. After just a quick glance at her photos you can see just how stunning this size 10 escort is.

Love for the naughty

Lia is an adventurous Birmingham petite escort. She loves to try out new things with her clients. Her adventurous personality shows in her choice of body piercing. She has her lip and tongue pierced. The tongue piercing creates the most sensations when indulging in oral sex. This applies to both sexes. Receiving oral from this escort will excite more than normal. Everybody who has been with a woman who has a tongue piercing will say the same. Lia combines this extra stimulative adornment with her natural skill to induce a gratified euphoria. If you decide to spend time with this amazing woman. You will be able to learn first hand just how intense the feelings she evokes are.

There are so many adventures to be had with this Romanian escort. That you will loose yourself with so many options to choose from. She performs each and every one of her acts with natural ease. That no matter what you decide to do with her. You will not be disappointed. Lia is the petite Birmingham escort who should a definate ‘thing to do’ whilst in Birmigham.