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It is not unusual, even in today’s morally corrupt and depraved age, to still find women who are staving off the imminent collapse of civilization, and the heralding of the Great Return of The Unholy Thingamebob from the inter-dimensional realms beyond the Nine Angles, by maintaining their virtues and being reluctant to have all their all holes open for you to play and prod around with (to your delight and amusement).
Fortunately, for all the sadists of sodomy, buyers of back-door buggery and dabblers in butt-diddlery all is not lost!
Kourtney is a perfect Birmingham anal escort who is offering to bite the pillow…so you can kick her back doors in.
Any cadet wishing to get his “Brown Wings” just needs to call up Kourtney, hand over the cash…and ask her to assume the position!
Before you know it, its “chocks away”…and you’ll be screeching down the chocolate runway.

Kourtney one of the very open-minded, and open-holed, anal escorts in Birmingham with a size 8 and 5 foot 5 figure, enhanced 30DD breasts, long dark hair, green eyes…and a tube of lubricant. She has a fun and adventurous personality, plenty of experience and allows punters the ability to express or dabble with their dark and deviant desires.

She offers a broad spectrum of indulgences, other than parking her firm derrière up the air.
The majority of mature adults are all welcome to purchase her “crack” skills; males, females, duos, disabled clients…(we’re not sure whether she will accommodate homeless bums?)
for anything from the platonic and sublime, such as a dinner date, to the really (or rear-ly) hardcore; A good old length up her harris!

Considering regular sex is symbolic of love, life and procreation why not call up Kourtney, shove her face down, take aim at her rusty balloon knot and thrust and drive in hard with the antithesis of all that nonsense?
For a few well spent British pounds you could really usher in the (rear) end times!

If your conventional life is limiting your opportunities, get yourself a Birmingham anal escort (with the help of the Classy agency) that will allow you to get down to some good old hard ramming in the rear.
The realms beyond the Nine Angles are stirring.