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About Izabelle

A submissive Russian Birmingham escort is the type of girl that makes clients go berserk. When Izabelle started working with us, our phone lines were flooded with clients from across the region wanting to meet her in person and see exactly what this submissive Russian escort in Birmingham was made of.
Russian Birmingham escorts are prized for the beauty they possess. With the ladies who hail from such a land being known as the most beautiful in the world. Hence why a large whack of the worlds models come from this country.

Various women have the ‘new girl’ buzz when they first work with us. Due to them being fresh faces. However, as you probably know, not many women can attain such popularity, due to them just not quite being up to a standard where clients want to return to see them.

However, on a very positive note, this submissive Russian escort is such a mind blowing woman that the above does not apply to her. She works exceptionally hard to ensure that the ‘buzz’ simply didn’t leave. All these months later and she is still as popular as ever! That’s when you know you have one sensational submissive Russian escort on your books, right here!

Escort Izabelle is a lady who has gained an unfathomable amount of admirers, along with a base of regular clients that is more so impressive.

You can see that she loves her job, and on top of that, we love working with her at Classy Birmingham escorts. She is a genuinely lovely person who wants to do her job to the best of her ability.

There will be no half hearted encounters with this submissive Russian Birmingham escort! She willingly gives her all to each client, that makes time to be with her. To say that she is extremely eager to pleasure, would be the understatement of the century! She really does go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you are gratified in every way possible. Those little things she does, really make you feel special. Giving the appointment, on your part, a feel good factor that you will want more and more of.

Perfect Russian submissive companion

Her naturally thoughtful and attentive ways make escort Izabell the companion of a lifetime. You will be lucky to find a woman who matches her perfectness and willing ways; no matter where you find yourself travelling to.

This submissive Russian escort Birmingham, is a very sensual girl who adores showering with you with the attentiveness that you feel you have been missing. Being a girl who absolutely loves to give. It is advised that you take a more leading role to get the very best out of her. She is a more submissive girl, not that she is shy, but in a way that she loves to meet your requests and give you everything you desire. Becoming very submissive for clients who wish for this type of service in the bedroom. She truly does enjoy offering those kind of bedroom antics. If you want submissive Birmingham escorts, there is not one better!

You will be blown back but just how open she is to new things and by how broad minded she is in general. This submissive Russian escort gives the most flawless girlfriend experience, without fail. Izabelle really is a super special lady, who you will want to take home with you.

Currently, escort Izabelle is offering her time and companionship to a single male client at a time and couples that consist of a male and a female partner.

Due to just how lovely she is, she is able to be seen by disabled clients. Being skilled in catering and caring for gentlemen who come into this category.

Submissive Russian escort Izabelle is by no means judgmental. You can be yourself around her and just relax, without having to think about anything else but how happy she truly makes you feel. Book today, with the lovely Izabelle you will not regret it!