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About Evolette

Firstly, brunettes are known as being the more classy Birmingham escorts out of the hair colours available to you. It is no secret that everyone loves a lady with long brown hair… But why?

What makes a brunette girl have a more desirable look than that of a blonde for example?

Well.. Actually, there are a fair few reasons – And they all come from the hair colour. Strange right? How a brunette Birmingham escort can have a million characteristics just because of coffee coloured locks. However, it is more than true.

Hence why, when you are with brunette escort in Birmingham, Evolette, you will find that she has many of the common traits, that have been known to go hand in glove with brunette hair.

The hair itself:

There are a fair few things that make being a brunette escort Birmingham like Evolette rather awesome. One of them being, that she doesn’t need to spend hundreds upon hundreds of pounds on maintaining her hair colour – Unlike those fake blondes. Men often say, that they like a natural woman – Hence why brunettes win! Oh… and they have naturally thicker hair. As you can see by the photographs of our beloved brunette escort, Evolette. She has a mane of very long dark hair that makes her look almost half cast. Adding to the sex appeal in which she is absolutely adorned with. Especially when combined with her light sapphire eyes!


Okay.. okay.. So being a ‘dumb blonde’ is not something that has actually been scientifically proven, as such. Anyone can be the ‘lights on but no one’s at home’ kind of girl, regardless of their hair colour. Although, it is known that there are more successful brunettes than there are blondes or red heads, for instance. Therefore, they are, on average more intelligent and also more successful as business women. Again, this is another trait that our Brunette escort Evolette possesses. She is a very intelligent individual, who speaks good English and who is also very well educated. In turn making her very easy and enchanting to talk too.


Yep.. Guess it goes with the fact they are more career minded and generally more successful. But they also, on average, earn more than people with another hair color. Obviously, this applies to Evolette, because she is a brunette escort that is exceptionally popular. With clients worshiping the ground she walks on, on a daily basis.


Blonde Birmingham escorts are known for being fun and loving to be the centre of attention. But a brunette is more secure within herself than to be out seaking the attention of everyone. Instead they just enjoy themselves and don’t worry about the world around them, or care if anyone is looking. Evolette knows she is a beautiful and sexy woman and does not need a man to tell her so. Being very comfortable in her own skin, in all regards. You can be sure that she oozes confidence and natural appeal.


A brunette escort is more trustworthy, so it seems, than other women. They are also seen as being very approachable women.

Evolette is indeed, of this way of being. Especially at work! Hence why her clients enjoy being with her and allowing them to share their worries and the things that have them stressed, in their everyday lives. Evolette understands the importance of discretion and, therefore, is a very trustworthy woman that does not share anything said, between the pair of you.

Overall, Evolette is such a wonderful woman, whose beauty and persona is unmatchable. She is so friendly and so eager to please that she makes hours feel as if moments when with her.