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About Ebony

Ebony by name, ebony by skin colour – This curvy black Birmingham escort has a body built for dominating – Something that this femme fatale is known for being exceptionally skilled at.

Within the world there is a sort of ‘unspoken’ code, that says men should be strong, in control and dominant. While women should be feminine, graceful and the more submissive. Indeed this is the more common practice.

Love dominance

But why? Why is it deemed as wrong for a man who want a woman to have her wicked way with him? Or for a woman to want to handcuff her man to a chair and ride him like a thoroughbred? Well.. The short answer is its not! We are programed to be a little bit of both. More so submissive or dominant but still, each side of us needs to be tamed in the bedroom…

Hence why nowadays women are recognised as being able to run the show just as well as any male. This is also why men look for a willing partner to do all things naughty to them.

This is exactly where this curvy black escort in Birmingham comes into the equation.

Let go of stress

You can indeed still be the boss and still have a persona that conflicts this from time to time. All day you are making decisions about what the next step for your company is and in turn thinking for everyone else within the business. Sometimes you just need to trust someone and give them a little bit of your dominant demeanor. Having them tell you where to touch, where you can taste and where about in the room it is going to take place.

Whether you already know the facts above, or whether you are reading this in hope you are not the only one with urges to be a sub and are totally new to this side of sex. Escort Ebony is sure to make the appointment something you are going to remember and repeat.

Men (Whether they like to admit it or not), want to be wanted and desired and feel as so. Therefore, having a sexy and eager woman like this curvy black escort girl, all over you is going to blow your mind and satisfy the need for affection, unlike it ever has been before.

What to expect

To start of, Ebony will go through everything with you. Making sure that she understands what you want from her, as an escort and your girlfriend for the given amount of time. As well as understanding your limits within every service. If you are not sure, she will probably suggest to you, using what is known as the traffic light system: Green: Keep going, don’t stop. Orange or Yellow: Keep going, but i’m nearly at my limit. Red: STOP STOP STOP!

It’s something simple but as one of our curvy black Birmingham escorts, who loves to be a dominant Birmingham escort, she takes all the precautions necessary to ensure your pleasure and not to give you a torture treatment (unless that’s what you’re looking for of course…).

Sexy figure

Ebony’s body is sure to be the thing you derive the most pleasure from. She is a dress size twelve with curves in all the right places. Coupled to her 34FF breasts, that are indeed enhanced, yet look and feel very natural.
She has long dark hair, big brown eyes and a warm and welcoming smile to compliment.
Like all black Birmingham escorts, her physique and attractive visage is finished off by a skin tone of the darker side of the scale.

You will be nothing but delighted by both Ebony herself and the service you receive from her. Along with finding yourself falling in love, due to what a genuinely nice person she actually is.