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About Diamond

Have you ever been with a full service Birmingham escort before? Do you know what a full service girl actually is? What to expect?

Well, no need to worry. We will answer all the questions you might have and will give you an insight in to what you can expect when booking this wondrous girl.

What is a full service escort?

Diamond is a full service escort in Birmingham, which means that she offers absolutely everything. Plus having toys available upon request too. She enjoys everything. In and out of the bedroom.

This girl; we are not even sure Diamond has the word ‘no’ in her vocabulary. She is not the kind of lady to tell you, you can’t do something. E.g. When you sneakily try and stick the little man in the ‘other’ hole and all you get is an abruptly ended session and possibly a smack round the face.

With the full service Birmingham escort Diamond, you don’t even have to ask or hope. She really does enjoy EVERYTHING. Meaning that she is more likely to encourage you to do something, than stop you. Regardless of how naughty the act might be.

As of yet, there has not been a single client to find out this girls’ limitations in the bedroom. We certainly couldn’t find any when we first interviewed her for one of the escort jobs Birmingham we had available either. With this in mind, we are totally confident when we say that you are not going to find her limits, either.

So, what is a full service escort? In short, it is a naughty, dirty girl in the bedroom who can offer you an experience of anything from pure filth or erotic passion. Whatever it is you are desiring right now, escort Diamond can give it to you and more besides.

Full of personality

Furthermore, you can expect Diamond to be a real character. Packed with charm and eagerness. Upon meeting her you will notice that she is not just liberal and free thinking in more private situations. But also, a very likable young lady at just 25 years old. Full service Birmingham escort Diamond is very bubbly, talkative and as perfectly suited to dinner dates and longer appointments. As much as she is an hour of explosive eroticism. Making her an upper class companion, who we are delighted to represent in our call our girls gallery of escorts.

For all your needs

Men and women alike, say that being with this full service escort in Birmingham is like a dream come true for them. Along with couples often commenting on how Diamond successfully put their love life back on track.

Frequently, this full service escort has two men at the same time visiting her also. Being a lady who loves hot sessions, full of double penetration. Again, making dreams come true and fantasies unfold before her clients very eyes.

Having a collection of toys, of the erotic sorts, which she will gladly bring along with her to your appointment, if you wish to spice things up in the bedroom even further.

What to expect when booking Diamond:

Upon booking this full service escort Birmingham. You are sure to be excited – And rightfully so! But, usually there are some nerves that start to creep up on us. You do not need to worry. From the very moment you lay eyes upon her. These nerves will vanish, as good as instantly.

From there on, you will be overcome with joy that you are in the presence of such a world class full service escort girl. Once you have met Diamond, in the flesh, you will be overwhelmingly hooked. Yearning for her presence, as good as immediately after you have said your goodbyes.

Returning to see her and second, third and even a 10th time. You will not want to book any other full service Birmingham escort besides this lady right here – The Zimbabwean beauty whose personality truly shines like a diamond. Her name is very well suited to her disposition for sure. There is NOT one other lady around who can match this ladies’ quality.

Escort Diamond is attainable for incalls and outcalls. Whether you are looking for one of our Wolverhampton escorts or for a lady in Birmingham city centre. Diamond will gladly be the lady to put a smile on your face tonight with her glamour model looks!