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About Cleo

Cleo is the perfect Birmingham escort. Having all of the attributes to her looks, personality and skills to have you in a state of awe. Cleo is simply unrivaled in the service that she gives. Treating you as you should be treated in every regard – You will feel like the only person in her life and exceptionally happy that you chose to be with her.

To truly understand the exceptional experience that this perfect escort in Birmingham gives to you; you really do need to book with her. No matter what words we use to sum her up, it doesn’t truly do her, or her service justice. She really is just the perfect escort!


Of course, when you are searching the internet for that special lady who catches your eye, the first thing you look for is the beauty in which manifests itself in their body and visage.
This is where this perfect Birmingham escort first of all gets your attention.
Her photos do not do her justice, being more gorgeous than any photo can portray.

Cleo stands at five foot four, with a figure that is actually rather leggy for her height. She is the perfect dress size six – Having a body of a Goddess. You will struggle to wait before taking her up to the bedroom. You will certainly just want to caress her slender, toned and firm body that is complimented by her 32C sized breasts, that are large for her frame, yet still in proportion. She has the most mind blowing, model like body you have ever seen – Honestly she looks phenomenal with or without clothing. Escort Cleo is breathtakingly attractive.

It is not just her flawless physique that makes her easy on the eyes, as facially she is just as beauteous. Having long, light blonde hair and big, bewitching brown eyes to match her light red, perfectly formed lips and youthful, soft skin. Cleo is a young girl at just twenty years of age, who was the epitome of a sexy teenage Birmingham escort for quite a while until her recent birthday.

Cleo has three small, tasteful tattoos and one facial piercing. She loves to look her best and certainly strives to impress her clients. Having her hair and makeup done to perfection, plus, always dressing sexy yet appropriately and discreetly at all times.

This perfect escort Birmingham welcomes all requests about clothing etc. So, if there is something you would like her to bring along with her to spice things up in the bedroom, or whether you would like her to turn up wearing something in particular, you can ask that she does so at the time of booking.


You will find Cleo to still maintain her tagline of ┬┤perfect escort girl┬┤ in this field also. She is a bubbly, friendly girl who is down to earth and who goes with the flow. Nothing fases her, nor is she a judgmental type. Being a very good listener and a wonderful conversationalist that can hold a conversation on just about anything. She makes it easy to relax and will shortly have your nerves vanishing and replacing them with a state of pure delight. You will find this perfect escort in Birmingham to be very easy to get along with. Getting her pleasure from pleasing you in whatever way she can. She puts you in the limelight and treats you like a king.

You will undoubtedly be returning to escort Cleo frequently for some more, pleasing experiences. You just cannot help but want to be around her and establishing a professional and fantastic relationship with her. The best thing is, you only reconnect with Cleo when you desire. There is absolutely no strings attached to being with her. You agree the time, day, place and duration and there is nothing more to it. You only get the best when with Cleo, in every regard. Make sure you clear some time from your schedule to meet her – You will be extremely happy that you did so!