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About Brandy

Brandy is a Birmingham switch escort who is very unique, in the fact that she can seriously mix things up in the bedroom and, is in no way, stuck in giving one type of service.

Just how keen she is to try new things, give you something different and allow you to let your fantasies become reality, is something you will very much admire about her.

Some Birmingham escort girls simply turn up, do their job, like it’s some kind of chore for them and then go home. A lot of girls do this line of work for money. So when you find a switch escort in Birmingham, like Brandy, you are sure to appreciate her genuine love for her job and her enthusiasm that shines through in every part of your time together.

Brandy, the switch escort in Birmingham totally understands the importance of giving the best service she possibly can, to each and every client; time after time. She prides herself in the fact that she goes above and beyond that of any other girl, to ensure that you are nothing less than lost for words. Loving to be the reason behind your smile. She wants give, just as much as she does receive. Making for a very pleasurable experience for both parties.

For this reason, switch escort Brandy is the optimum choice for those who want a girlfriend experience that has an added feel good factor to it. With no strings attached to being with Brandy; what have you got to loose?? Take some time out of your hectic lifestyle, forget your never ending to do list and forget about any troubles you may be facing and make some free time for a one to one experience with this Birmingham switch escort! You will leave feeling like a new person; refreshed and rejuvenated.

She is there for when you feel like you need a bit of pampering and a bit of ´me time´. Allowing you to get rid of those urges and all that pent up tension, in whatever way you want her to do so. Offering everything from a massage to a spanking. You are going to spoiled for choice when it comes to services to decide between.

What is a Birmingham switch escort?

For those of you who are not sure what a switch escort Birmingham actually is. Allow us to explain..

Normally a person prefers a certain role, be that dominant or submissive. Depending on each individual person. However, escort Brandy is a little different. She can go from a commanding dominatrix to a sultry submissive in the blink of an eye. Being able to play either role without any issue and with a true want to do so.

You really can make every appointment different from the last with her. Whatever role you wish to assign to this switch escort in Birmingham, she will give you a full service. As she enjoys offering all of those kinds of fetishes and kinks.

Being able to take the lead in a submissive manor, as well. She is an extra special girl who you will shortly be falling head over heels for – She is more addictive than any substance you can possibly think of.

Because this Birmingham switch escort is so open minded, she also, loves to be with women and gratify them as much as she does a male. She offers every type of appointment. Whether you want a one to one session (woman or man) with the sexy girl Brandy, or whether you want her to join you and your friend in a MMF experience. Anything is possible with this genuine 18 year old girl! She is even happy to be paired up with another girl from the agency to give you a two girl show, or to work together with the other girl to pleasure you.

Brandy is a very good looking young lady with talents that outmatch those who are twice her age. She just ticks all the right boxes and presses all the right buttons, continuously.

Please do note: Brandy has brown eyes naturally, however sometimes does wear blue coloured contacts quite frequently. Making her one of our blue eyed Birmingham escorts too!