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About Alia

An African submissive Birmingham escort is not a tagline that a lot of women come under. Equally infusing both your love of the dark skin tones, with satisfying the need of playing the dominant role, at the same time.

However, because our Birmingham escorts are a group of women of such diversity. We have found you the perfect African submissive escort in Birmingham – Alia!

New to the area

Not to mention that Alia is a new lady within the escorting scene in the area. This twenty five year old vixen has had very little marketing before now. Therefore, only a selected and very lucky few know the true abilities of this sexy girl. Until now that is…

Indeed, this African submissive Birmingham escort has so many amazing qualities about her that you need to book her more than just the once to experience the all round amazement this girl can give to you. Hence why booking her for a girlfriend experience each time, is what most clientele opt for.

Gorgeous figure

Additionally, she is a gorgeous girl with a typical ‘African’ figure yet with finer proportions. Leaving her being a dress size ten with naturally subtle yet luscious curves in all the right places. Giving escort Alia an hourglass frame that indeed looks like it has been carved by angels. She has a petite 34B bust and a backside that is perfect for spanking.

Furthermore, being as easy on the eyes as she is, is not something all women are capable of. Alia is indeed for those who like a pretty face to go with their ladies sexy body. She is a naturally attractive girl too, with soft, pouty lips and big brown eyes. Adding to her sexy and exotic African submissive escort looks. She is a youthful girl, who you would probably put down at being a teenager, instead of mid-twenties. Her sex appeal is finished off by midnight colored hair and occasionally the use of glasses. Giving her a girl next door aspect to her overall sex appeal.

Open to requests

Her beauty is adorned by dresses, high heels and lingree (obviously going to range in colour). Of course, you can pick what type and colour of.. Well… everything… she wears if you want too and have a certainly preference over things such as those. She strives to look her very best for clients day in and day out. She looks elegant, tempting and also very discreet too. Adding a touch of class to whatever that beautiful body is wrapped up in.

If you are somewhat of a sapoisexual and looks just don’t quite cut it for you. Don’t fear. Because this African submissive Birmingham escort has an intelligence level that will astound you in all regards. Not many women can be so sexy.. So knowledgeable and yet so fun.

Alia is an African submissive escort in Birmingham that you will find it hopeless to find fault in. With such a willing, liberal and spirited way of being. She will have you feeling giddy on lust for days and days. Having a repeat booking with this lady from our choice of African Submissive escorts in Birmingham, will be more of a must than a want, so you will find.

Likes to be dominated

Lastly, escort Alia loves to be the lesser of the dom’s during meetings. Of course, which just adds to her youthful and innocent persona, for clients. Showing her who’s boss under the sheets will leave you feeling empowered and indeed relieve the stress from your pent up body. Also, for many men, this helps them deal with the problems within their personal lives. Maybe you have got to answer to a rather unpleasant person and work and need the chance to feel and be the one calling the shots.