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Our escorts don’t desire heroes

This is not the kind of blog that we should really be writing. However, recent events have prompted us to inform our clients that do not need to take on the role of protector or saviour with our escorts.

It is true that a lot of girls work in the industry because they are forced to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of prostitutes who are victims of human trafficking. Young girls from mainly the Eastern bloc live in poor conditions, in some cases, extreme poverty. These girls are tempted by a life of fortune and prosperity in England. They put their trust in people who they don’t know. These people are the scum of society offering false freedom. What these poor girls do not realise is that they are unwillingly giving themselves into sex slavery. They are forced to work as sex workers and live in inhumane conditions when they arrive here. They have no chance of freedom whilst in the clutches of these animals.

This is an unfortunate event, and is something that the government and law enforcement agencies are trying to eradicate. However, it is not fair to tar every Eastern European escort with the same brush. Not all of them are forced to work in the sex industry. Escorts that work in escort agencies for example are there on their own free will. They want to work as an escort. They enjoy the safety and protection that an agency offers them. The protection they receive is not the same as what a pimp offers. A pimp controls the girl. He possesses her ergo he owns her and all that she earns too. The girl has no freedom, very little money and usually ends up using illegal substances or alcohol in order to escape the misery that has become her life. The Eastern European escorts who work at an agency have complete and utter control over their own lives. They can come and go as they please. The money they earn is theirs. They do not have to hand it over to anybody at the end of the night.

They want to be here

The majority of Eastern bloc sex workers tend to be Romanian. These girls are highly intelligent women who learn languages as part of their formal education. They have no opportunities in their own country and that is why they come to live in England. It is much easier for them to work as an escort than any other industry due to the prejudice of society. Also, this industry offers them the chance to buy nice clothes, pay their rent and utilities. It also allows them the chance to send money home to their families. They are in complete control of their lives. Working as an escort they have more freedom than in any other job. They can work as many or as few hours as they wish.

The girls who work as escorts, including all nationalities found in the escort industry do not need rescuing from some awful fiend who controls them. They can leave at any time they desire.

So, gentlemen. Although our escorts adore their clients to be chivalrous. They do not need you to help get them out of the industry. They want to be here and are here of their own free will.

Please, do not insult them by trying to be their hero. They honestly would not appreciate it. All they want is to enjoy their time with you.