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Most people know that life has a tendency of not working out exactly as it was planned. I have to admit that when I was a little girl I did not say ‘when I grow up I want to be an escort’. I had my head in the clouds thinking how I wanted to be a princess. By the time I had reached my late teens I still had no real idea as to what I wanted to do with my life, so I ended up working in a clothes shop down the Bull Ring. It was alright. I met lots of different people and I had some great colleagues. However, I felt like I was missing out on something more. My life was always a financial struggle. Never knowing which of the bills I could leave a few more days longer without paying. Anyway, one day I was surfing the web looking for a new job that could take me places. Suddenly, I saw an advert on the internet for a escort job vacancy in the West-Midlands. It was not something that had ever piqued my attention before, but they promised a secure job with flexible hours and a high pay. It seemed to be right down my alley. I thought if the hours were flexible enough then I could fit it around my day job. I filled in the application form and before long I had received a phone call from the agency owners asking me if I was available for an interview. Cut a long story short, I was hired. At first I found doing both jobs fairly easy. But that was only because I was new at the agency, I still hadn’t built up my own regular clientele.

Working at the Birmingham escort agency

After working at the agency for about 3 months, I found it harder and harder to perform at my best in both of my jobs. I was working so many hours that I decided to go back to working at only one place of work. The dilemma I was facing was – do I leave escorting (a job that I thoroughly loved doing) or leave the job in the clothes shop? To be honest, it was not too difficult a choice to have made. I had finally cleared off my debts. I was meeting so many new people who all taught me a little something about life. One client was actually a financial guru. After becoming my regular client he decided to help me invest some of my earnings. I am so glad that I had met him. I was open t a life full of opportunities and travelling. Even though I was nervous when I first started the job. I was having the time of my life. I don’t like admitting to many people, but I am a highly sexually charged person, so this job helps to relieve the pent up sexual tension I used to live with daily. I decided to tell my family and friends that I had been offered a job working in call centre doing night shifts. I then proceeded to hand in my notice in the shop. This was almost 5 years ago now. My life is brilliant. I never know what I will be doing from one day to the other. I no longer have to live a mundane life. I have a beautiful selection of designer clothes. The money I have earned has allowed me to life a fairly luxurious lifestyle. I am able to have lots of holidays each year and the most important thing is that I no longer live in fear of the postman bringing me yet another unpaid bill notification.