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George enjoys fun outside in the park with his red head escort

When George was younger he did not have many aspirations in life. All he wanted to do was get a good job and find stability. It seemed that he had had everything that he had desired. He was floor manager in the local factory. His work hours were ok. He started at 7 am but finished in time to pick the kids up from school. He had been married to a pretty blonde woman for the last 15 years. Things had been going fine. He had the normal financial restraints that a man in his forties would normally have. He met his friends down the local working man’s club on a Friday night. The only thing was that recently he had started to loathe the monotony of his life. Day in, day out, everything was the same. He thought he was having some kind of midlife crisis. 

So, one day, he decided that he needed to find an outlet to his frustrations. He did not want to leave his wife. He was actually still in love with her. But, he knew that something needed to be done to save his sanity. He thought how he could relieve himself without jeopardising everything. Suddenly, the thought struck him of using an escort. She would provide a risk free opportunity of injecting fun into his life. 

He found a local Birmingham escorts agency online and booked himself an hour with a redhead escort. Skip forward 3 days to Friday night and George and escort Selina. The date started off as any normal date would. They met in a bar near her where she lived. He had opted for an incall appointment as his house would not be empty. However, he didn’t feel comfortable just meeting up and starting the night having sex straight away. 

The most beautiful Red head girl.

Selina was beautiful. She had long, natural red hair. She was slim with an amazing pair of boobs. 36 DD, nice and full just as he liked them. Over dinner, Selina was flirtatious. It made him feel young again, having a sexy woman dote over him the way she was. She slipped her stockinged foot out of her stilettos and slowly started rubbing her foot up his leg. When she reached his groin, she could not help noticing his proturburent trousers. He was as hard as he had ever been. Selina smiled as she felt with her toes at his size. The combination of her boobs and her toes pressing on his cock was making him hot under the collar. He took a big gulp of his beer and suggested that they went for a stroll in the park. It was a cool summers evening and he thought the fresh air would help to cool him down. 

Selina took his hand in hers and instantly the bulge was back. They decided to walk to hers through the park. It was fairly quiet by now. Everybody was at home getting ready for a night out in town. Selina stood up on her tiptoes and kissed George on his neck. Shivers were sent down his spine. He turned around and pressed his lips firmly against hers. They were luscious and still had the faint taste of wine on them. Hungrily, she kissed him back. They staggered backwards until Selina was pushed firmly against a tree. George ran his hands over her body with a fervour as he devoured her in kisses.   

He grabbed her hair and lightly pulled her head back, exposing her long slender neck. He moved his attention from her mouth to her throat. He could sense that the hairs on her skin were standing on edge from the excitement. He put his hand under her skirt to move her now wet panties to one side. She groaned with pleasure as he undid his zip with the other hand to release his hard cock. Gently, he lifted her so her legs could wrap around his waist as he sat her on his cock. Using the tree as support, they enthusiastically fucked hard. George had never had sex in this position before. The sensation was intense, too intense for him to hold his orgasm in check. Selina seemed to be just as aroused as he was. She was groaning as she rode him hard. Having sex in public was certainly a game changer he thought as he felt his orgasm building. Usually, he could last longer. Normally, he could only cum by imagining his wife was another woman. Today, his mind was bereft of imagination. It was pure, raw animal instinct that drove him. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He held her tight as he made her pussy even wetter. He filled her with his cum as his body shuddered with the pure ecstasy it caused. 

Panting, he leant against Selina, spent from the pure intensity of the orgasm. Once he caught his breathe, he asked her to lead the way to her flat. He knew that he owed her an orgasm and by no means was he finished enjoying her.