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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you are able to find some very useful answers to our most commonly asked questions. Help is on hand 24/7 should you have a query that is not answered here.

You have two ways to make a booking with one of our escorts in Birmingham. I will explain them both below.

  1. You can use our Online Bookings page to request a reservation.
  2. You can call us on 0121 663 0879

Making a booking with our of our ladies is a very simple task!

We have a very large amount of Birmingham incall escorts. These are girls that can entertain you at their own apartment. Its private, discreet and safe for you. All of their apartments have shower facilities also and are non-smoking environments in general. So to explain the definition for you, an incall is where you visit the escort at her apartment. Parking is available onsite of very close to the apartments. Currently all of our escorts offer incalls only in the Birmingham city centre area.

An outcall is where the escort will come to your home or hotel for example. They will of course arrive suitably dressed to not attract attention. Any requests you need we can work with usually! So please just talk with us at the time of the booking.

It is expected at all times that you adhere to the following rules.

  1. You treat the girls with the utmost respect.
  2. You do not push the girls to provide services they are not comfy with.
  3. You are polite, well groomed and smell good!
  4. You take your personal hygiene seriously. No one wants to do anything with someone that smells bad!
  5. Don’t dance them around with the payments or try to take the Micky in general.
  6. Respect their limits at all times.
  7. Do not try to make them your girlfriend, they are here to earn money not find a husband that wants their time for free.
  8. Do not ask them personal questions. E.g their real name, where do they live, about their children etc. There are here to be discreet.
  9. Do not ask them for direct contact details. Be it phone numbers, Face book, Instagram or anything like this. You will be banned for doing so!
  10. Treat them well and in return they will do the same for you. They are humans, not pieces of meat – remember this!

Yes of course they are! The reason people come to this level of the industry and use a reputable escort agency like Classy Birmingham. Is because the girls are clean! Its no secret that a large proportion of clients are married men (or woman!). It stands to reason that you do not want to put your safe at any health risk!

We have protocol in place to ensure that this is not something you ever need to be concerned about. Every girl has a clean bill of health and is continually reviewed to ensure it stays this way.

Yes of course you can! The difference between a good Birmingham escort agency and a bad one. Is how the complaints are handled. When you are dealing with human beings, people that party and all these things. Its obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense. That complaints are going to happen.

Although I am proud to say that our polices, management protocols and very high levels of integrity throughout our team. Really does limit any causes for complaints to the lowest possible levels. Thus ensures our clients get the very best services always. The very occasional complaint can arise. In situations like new girls, we do not know them or the service they provide is what they summed it up to be. So we have polices in place to watch them from the start and really stamp out any bad apples very fast indeed.

If you have a complaint about anything at all. Please be assured that you can talk to us about it! All complaints are reviewed personally by Alan, the owner. So you can be assured that your complaints are dealt with at the very highest possible level.

If you have any reason at all to be unhappy, we really prefer you to tell us so we can fix it for you! If you feel uneasy calling us to talk about the problem. Then please email us instead. But its better discussed than left for sure.

The details you will need to provide for a booking. Will depend on the type of booking your making.


You will need to provide your name and contact number only.


For this type of booking, in addition to your name and phone number. We will need the full address of your home or hotel. As well as the room number for hotel bookings.

Its acceptable for you to not provide us with your real name, this is normal!

Yes of course you can! If you have any requests at all. Be it a clothing request, a role play request you want passed on beforehand or even where the girl should park her car. You are welcome to make them any time! We will do everything possible to ensure your request is met to the extreme.

One thing I will say here. It has been known that we will pass the request to the girl. She will confirm it. But when she arrives at the clients house, she says we did not pass it on! This I can assure you is a lie and if you ever encounter this you must report it to us, so we can act on it accordingly. Its very rare that this will ever happen, but girls are girls and sometimes they are not always of the most honest minds. We proactively look for girls like this very early on in their career with us and stamp it out.

No! If you want the phone number of an escort, then book an independent! If you want the protection and discretion of an agency. Then keep it professional! Any girls caught exchanging or offering numbers to clients are instantly dismissed. Any clients that asks a girl for their number, Facebook page or Instagram or give them out are instantly banned!

We take this matter very seriously and actively have management protocol in place to catch both girls and clients alike. So do not do it! We have seen instances where clients have given their numbers to girls, then when the girl starts messaging them or hustling them. They come to us for help! As if! You need to think there is a big reason why you should book your escorts from an agency. We have also had girls that have come to us when they have gone outside the agency and the client is causing them problems!

For our genuine clients and girls. We will work to the extreme to help, protect and assist them. But for those that want to stab us in the back, then your on your own! So bear this in mind before attempting this!

When you book with a reputable escort agency, like us. You are protected in every way. You get a bad service, we can help you. Or anything like this at all, we can help you resolve the situation. This is all part of the service. Not that things like this happen regularly, but of course in the very rarest of occasions, things do not go to plan. New girls we do not know for example can be a problem. But we are here to protect you from this. Its a bit like the difference between buying your car from a garage or a private individual. Our marketing is done honestly, ladies working for themselves will do anything to get your trade, moving from city to city. Even some country to country. But this is not us, we are here to stand the test of time, not flit. There is no doubt about it at all. That when you reserve though us, you do not have to worry about anything!

No one understands discretion like we do! You can count on us to be super discreet! No unexpected phone calls or messages hours after your appointment or anything like this.

Of course no one is better at keeping secrets than Classy escort agency and of course the girls. We do not pry or ask you intrusive questions and certainly neither the girls. We are here to provide a professional service. Discretion is a big part of this. We only keep records to allow us to admin your bookings, nothing else.

A further layer of discretion is achieved by the fact that for example. Birmingham call out girls acquired though us. Will attend your home or hotel, in a discreet manner always. If you have any special requests about this. E.g where you want to meet, how you want them to arrive. Just tell us and we will ensure its followed though at all times.

We try to ensure that payment is made as easy as possible for you. Therefore we currently accept the following paying methods.

  1. Cash to be paid directly to the escort at the start of your appointment with her.
  2. Bank transfer to be paid at the time of making the reservations.

Making a bank transfer is very discreet. There is nothing escort related that will show on your statement etc. Is very safe and secure.

Please note though. That when paying by bank transfer we will not allow the appointment to start or the escort to set off. Until the payment is showing in our account, in full. Its very rare for there to be any sort of delay on this payment type.

If you pay by bank transfer and then cancel the appointment. We can either hold the money for you to make a booking in the future or we can return it to you within 48 hours maximum.

With Bank transfer payments, its also possible to book initially in cash. But then extend the booking by paying by bank transfer. Or vice versa of course.

Yes they are! Here at Classy Birmingham we are very strict on this matter ourselves. We believe it is very important that you always know exactly what your going to be getting. No Photoshop wonders here, just real genuine photographs of all our ladies. You can look around Birmingham and you will find some sites offering VIP escorts for example. But I know for a matter of certainty, that those call out girls photographs are heavily edited. They may turn up well dressed and groomed (as do all of our escorts!), but when you book a model like escort that is marketed as a size 10 for example. It doesn’t matter how she arrives if she is really a 12/14! She could have the best dress in the world, but her still its not what you wanted. We buck this trend and have a very honest policy. Ensuring our clients are getting exactly what they are expecting at all times.


Classy Birmingham escorts are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Our professional team of experts can assist you any time of the day or night. You can expect to receive an honest and reliable escort service at all times.

Our escorts schedules are kept up to date at all times. Its very easy to see who is available in mulitpule ways.

For example:

  1. You can go to our availability page to see who is available every day of the week. This is updated on a Monday morning before noon for the current week.
  2. You can go to one of the girls profiles to see what days/hours she is working.
  3. You can go to our available today category. Where you can easily view all of the escorts in Birmingham that we have working today/tonight.
  4. On our home page. There is a filter above the main gallery. One of the options here is the ‘Available’ category. If you click this option it will show you all the girls as above also.
  5. Of course you can contact us directly to ask as well.

Yes for sure! As soon as we have all the schedules together for the coming week (Monday through to Sunday). We will be able and of course very happy to take your advance reservation. Usually we are in the position to take these advanced reservations for any of our escorts in Birmingham. Usually no later than Saturday afternoon. Some very rare weeks this may be on Sunday.

Once you have made an advanced reservation. You will need to confirm it before the time given to you, on the day of the actual booking. If you have not confirmed it by this time, then we will cancel the reservation automatically.

The only time we would refuse to take an advanced bookings is in these two circumstances usually:

  1. The escort you want to reserve is new and you want to book for her first shift. Its our policy to ensure new Birmingham escorts do not mess our clients or us around. So we restrict them on advanced bookings until we know they are turning up 100% and are reliable. Disappointment and admin work is nothing either of us want. So we do this to protect us all from the idiots of this world.
  2. If an escort is on final warning for bad reliability. For the same reasons stated above, we will in most cases refuse to accept any advanced reservations for these girls.

Call us and cancel it! If you do this its really not a problem. Unless of course you make a really bad habit of it. Those clients that just do not bother to attend a booking, without telling us. Waste everyone’s time! If you make a habit of this you will find yourself banned from the escort agency, simple as that. Our professional team are trained to recognise voices. So changing your number is highly unlikely to get you around the ban!

In general we cover the whole of the Midlands and surrounding zones. You can get a very good idea of some of the areas our escorts cover. By taking a look at our areas pages. If you area is not listed, it doesn’t actually mean we do not cover it. We list the main areas only. If any doubt at all, please just get in contact with us and happily you can expect us to advise you accordingly.

Please note: For some longer distance jobs, you may need to make the initial booking payment by bank transfer! Or at least the travel costs element. This is to protect the girl from both wasted time and money.

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