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The serivces of a submissive escort

Cristal pulled against the wrist restraints as he pressed the vibrator against her swollen pussy lips. She ached for release. Each time she thought he would let her finish he stopped. She was in a state of constant arousal. Her slender body was shaking with a primeval need for release. Cristal could not stop moaning. Her sexual stimulation was contagious. He could feel pre-cum dripping from his cock. He wanted to make his submissive escort taste how excited he was. He walked around the side of the bed and took the back her head in his large, firm hand. Once again he pushed her head down towards his groin. His fat, throbbing cock was now covered in her spit as she deep throated him another time. Her moist lips tightened as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. She flicked her tongue expertly around the head of his rigid hardness. An explosion of electricity seemed to surge through his body. ‘Damn..’ he thought, He had never had a blowjob which left him feeling like that before. At this point he was so aroused that he temporarily lost himself in the moment. He took a fistful of her hair and pushed her head so far down that he felt it as he hit the back of her throat. He was so deep inside her mouth that she gagged.

Cristal couldn’t help but notice that he seemed to get even more aroused at the sight of her body as it tightened when her gag reflex kicked in. This in turn made her pussy contract with excitement. She could feel how wet she was without even putting her fingers between her legs. He adored her submissiveness. Her willingness to acquiesce to his every whim made him so hard that he thought he would cum there and then. He released his grip on her hair, so she lifted her head slightly, sighed and caught her breath. He gently moved his hand and cupped her breast. He squeezed it gently as his other hand was firmly holding the back of her neck. Gently putting pressure on her spine as he forced her head back to his raging erection. He pushed her head all the way down until her mouth was a fraction away from his swollen member. He pushed a little harder. She knew what he wanted her to do. She complied to his desires. She let him plunge his full member all the way in until his groin was pressed against her face. He knew he could not continue at this pace. As much as he loved to feel Cristal with her face in his groin. He had to be careful not to climax in her mouth. He had not booked this submissive escort for only one act. His frustrations at work had started to make him feel incompetent. Cristal was his way of regaining his self-esteem and control.

Totally dominanted by her client

Cristal held her breath as he freed one of her wrists from the restraints. He moved her body until she was in a kneeling position. She could feel him standing behind her as he leaned over her taut body. He firmly placed both of his hands around her wasp like waist and positioned himself, ready to enter her from behind. This was her final act of submission. He pushed into her. She received him with willingness. She was totally under his thrall. He took her mercilessly. Plunging into her body, pumping his hard, pulsating cock in and out of her dripping pussy. Cristal felt like she was in seventh heaven. She had many clients who preferred to take her from behind. Yet none of them seemed to hit the spot like he did. He skillfully manipulated her body into a position where he knew he was hitting her g-spot. He could feel her pussy tighten around his shaft the deeper her entered. The head of his penis banged against her cervix which each stroke. Each time he entered her, he sensed that she was getting closer to climaxing. Her breathing became sharper and faster. Little convulsions of pleasure seemed to overtake her body in waves. Cristal was a receptacle for his needs. This is what she needed- to be taken fully and utterly dominated. She was overcome, overpowered and overwhelmed by him. This was submission in its purest form. Something only true submissive escorts can submit to.

Cristal was now at the point of no return. She could feel that familiar tightening in her pelvis. The tell tale warmth inside her started to increase. Her breathing now became gasps. She took one last deep breath and filled her lungs. He felt her body tighten. Her pussy seemed to grip his cock and pull him in even deeper. Suddenly, her entire body was overcome with electrical pulses. She was unable to move or breathe as the orgasm took its hold. Cristal’s body dropped on to the bed in pure exhaustion. It had been a long time since she had had an orgasm as intense as that one. He had tried to hold on as long possible. Yet the knowledge that his dominance over her had made her shake with pleasure took him to the brink. He could no longer control himself. He gave in to his own carnal urges. His grip around her waist tightened. He pulled her closer until his balls were banging against her ass cheeks. They felt so firm against his thighs. He could feel her cum dripping from inside of her. The thought of mixing their cum together made his cock swell. He plunged his engorged penis into her one last time. He could feel every single muscle in his body tighten as the orgasm took hold. He squirted his hot, sticky cum deep inside her. It was so intense that he could feel every last drop ejaculate out and fill her pussy.

It had been an intense yet vigorous afternoon. Finally he had regained some self-assurance. One thing he knew…he would be asserting himself over a submissive escort again.