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My account of being a High Class Birmingham escort

Being a high class Birmingham escort, I live a fun and thrilling life. It’s a privileged one that not many people get a chance to experience. I thought that I would share what my lifestyle is like.

First of all I must say, that being a high class escort is very high maintenance. I spend inordinate amounts of my free time in beauty salons and gyms. Yesterday, for example, I had my weekly appointment with Sarah* at 9am. She is my most trusted beautician. I must make sure that my body is at its best at all times. Attention to the finer details is key to being successful. To be honest, I absolutely adore having ‘me’ time. Waxing, a manicure and pedicure, an hour on the sunbeds. All of this allows me time to relax and feel indulged. By the time I had left the salon it was already 12.30. My appointment had overrun and I had to grab something quick on my way to the hair salon. I have long, blonde, wavy hair which takes a lot of care to keep it looking as luscious as it does. Whilst I was at the salon my mind wandered and I remembered one of my first clients. He was a famous singer, I think it’s best not to mention too much about him for discretions sake. He found me through the agency. We went out on a few ‘dates’. Initially, each time we met, we went out to exclusive restaurants. Once we knew each other a bit better and things were more comfortable we would spend more time being intimate. He wanted the full girlfriend experience. He said his reasons were because he lived such a busy life he did not have time for nor want the complications of a full time relationship. This suited me perfectly. It offered me the chance to move in a society that I felt totally comfortable in. Anyway, we spent a lot of time together. We met regularly and he paid for my exclusivity. I received last minute bookings through the agency to accompany him on some of his tours. He was such a nice person and gorgeous too that I have to admit that I struggled to stay unattached. I was adorned with beautiful gifts, jewellry and clothing mainly. Even though I had my own clothing that was certainly up to standard, nothing compared to how special his gifts made me feel.

Performing my duties

The strangest memory that I have of our encounters are when he was appearing on talk shows which were filmed in London. He paid for me to fly down every Friday night. The flight landed whilst he was in the studio, so a limousine collected me and took me straight to the hotel to wait for him. This was the less glamorous part of my job. Sat there in the empty hotel room I felt lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I was allowed to use all of the hotel amenities like the spa, room service etc, but it was lonely. I had to stay awake looking as if I were fresh and rejuvenated until he arrived at the room. Normally, he didn’t turn up until gone 3 am. Of course, once he arrived I then had to perform my duties as I was expected to do. I was always expected to leave by 9 am the following morning. He had the strangest of foibles, every Saturday morning when I left the suite, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and handed me a package. He always did the same when I travelled to London for him. He gave me a packed lunch! The package took me by surprise when he first started doing it. After a while, I just accepted it to be something that he did. I had an amazing 6 months being his escort, but being exclusive to somebody as famous as him was hard. It impeached on my private and social life too much. I decided to renegade on our exclusivity contract. He was so sweet that he understood perfectly.