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Enjoy sex with an escort for his 70th Birthday.

Peter had had a terrible year. His wife had run off in February with his best mate after having a 6 week whirlwind affair. This left him absolutely devastated. They had been married for 30 years. As far as Peter was concerned they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. The consequences of what happened took their toll on Peter. He became rude towards people. His manner was untoward and intolerable. Some of his friends put up with his behaviour as they knew it wasn’t the real him. Even still, he was slowly but surely becoming a social pariah. Feeling more and more isolated from the world, he became a recluse, relying more and more on his social media account as his main contact with the outside world. Life for Peter slowly but surely became a sad and lonely existence. The bitterness from the betrayal grew inside of him. Realising what was going on, his brother-in-law, Rob, moved in with Peter, in the hope that he could help him to get over what had happened. Bit by bit, Rob took Peter out to places where he could meet new people. It took a lot of time, but, Peter was able to make new friends. It was difficult at the start. Being 69, he found he struggled to relate to a lot of the younger people who had come into his life. Nevertheless, Rob persevered. It took a lot effort, but eventually, Peter started to come out of his shell and made some amazing new friends.

Time passed by. Winter turned into spring, Spring into Summer, Autumn passed by in the blink of an eye. Before long, it was the new year and his 70th birthday was fast approaching. All of the plans that he had made with his wife to mark this momentous occasion had all been abandoned. So, his friends decided to throw him a surprise party. Whilst in the planning stages, somebody asked what kind of collective gift would be suitable. As a joke, one of his oldest friends, who had stuck with him through the hard times, suggested buying him a blow-up sex doll. Well, the conversation evolved and within half an hour a black escort in Birmingham had been booked.

The night of his party finally arrived. Peter was in his element. He had no idea that so many people cared about him enough to throw him a party. Finally, the time came for the gifts to be given out. He opened an envelope and pulled out a hand designed voucher. It was for 1 hour with a delightful black escort called Brandi. Poor Peter stuttered and went red. He didn’t quite know how to react. He laughed off the appointment and went back to enjoying the party.

Secretly, he was excited about spending time with a woman. It had been a while. Coincidently, Peter spent his free time looking at porn videos of beautiful black women. Nobody realised that his secret desire was to make love to a dusky skinned temptress.

Pondering dirty old minded gent.

All night he was distracted by imagining what Brandi looked like. He fought hard to try to hide his erection as images of ebony beauties flooded his mind. As soon as the party ended he rushed home and logged onto the agency website. He typed in ‘Brandi’ in the search bar. He was directed to her page…he could not get over how stunning she looked. She was everything that he had longed to have yet had never had the courage to do. She was 27 years old and he saw that she offered some services that his ex-wife would never do. He phoned the agency to see when he could meet Brandi. To his delight, she was working that very same night. She was able to visit him in two hours’ time.

He hung up at the end of the call and ran to the shower. It had been a long time since he had felt the warmth of a woman’s silky body next to his. He wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. The mere thought of being with another woman after staying monogamous for so many years was slightly daunting for Peter. Yet, he saw it for what it was. The chance to feel pleasure again.

It seemed like only 5 minutes had passed since he had placed the call to the agency. Obviously, it was not! The doorbell rang and he could see the outline of a woman through the frosted glass of his front door. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He tried to remain calm as he walked to

open the door. Unfortunately, his body was betraying him. He couldn’t hide his excitement. His breathing was coming in short, sharp breaths, small beads of sweat had started to form on the palms of his hands. A lump formed in his throat. He could feel the ever so familiar tightening in his groin. He opened the door and before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She introduced herself as Brandi, and gave him a peck on the cheek as she walked passed him into the entrance foyer of the house. He took her coat and invited her in. He offered her a drink and led her into the living room.

Brandi was a professional. She had been working as an escort long enough to know how to read people. It was obvious to her that Peter was struggling to maintain composure. She instinctively knew that this was his first time with an escort. She took Peter’s hand and led him to the bedroom and sat him on the edge of the bed. Slowly, she removed her clothes until she was stood in front of him, wearing nothing more than a matching black, lacy, bra and panties. She saw Peter’s eyes widen when he dropped his eyes to her waist. She was also wearing a suspender belt and stockings. Brandi knew how old Peter was before she had arrived, he had informed the receptionist that it was a 70th birthday gift. She knew that men of a certain generation appreciated a different style of dress.

Fantasies do come true!

Peter could not believe his eyes. Standing in front of him was the woman he had always secretly fantasised about. Wearing the most exquisite and sexy underwear imaginable. The sight of her made him feel 50 years younger. He sat back and allowed her to undress him. He was so hard that he ached. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had made him feel so turned on. He watched as Brandi masterfully gyrated her slender body in front of him. Her snake like hips hypnotised him as she gave him a rather stimulating lap dance.

If nothing more happened that night, Peter would not have minded. At that precise moment in time, he was in a state of excitement unlike any other that he had had before. What happened during that next hour was like a sexual mist hanging over him. He had the tight body of a horny woman to explore. To feel emotions that he had forgotten existed. This was the best birthday ever!

Just as Brandi was leaving, he held her face and gave her a long, lingering kiss on her full, passionate lips. He thanked her for making him feel rejuvenated again. She smiled and simply said that she was sure they would be seeing each other again very soon.