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An exclusive hot escort service. Available 24 hours. Only for those discerning clients that require the very best!

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A high class Birmingham escort agency at low prices! Classy girls that love to please. Real photographs guaranteed and honest profiles!

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All of our outstanding Birmingham escort girls. Are available for incalls or outcalls. A real classy service 24/7 by appointment only. Advance reservations welcome.





Why Classy Birmingham

Welcome to Classy Birmingham escorts homepage. The place to find your unforgettable moments. Here you you find the best Birmingham escorts. Luxurious ladies who love to live an adventurous lifestyle. They thrill and excite all at the same time. Never before has Birmingham seen such a vip calibre of escorts. The Birmingham escorts are all very experienced women. Some have been working in the industry for a long period of time. Whereas others are new to the industry. However, do not be put off by them being new. They are eager to please and are fast learners. The vip escort girls love to take you to a place of physical and mental euphoric torment. They have a knack of being able to know just exactly what a client wants or needs! They can convert that deep lust into a mental and physical feeling. Our escorts in Birmingham are like sirens. Calling men and women to a heavenly paradise. They love excite and exhilarate all at the same time. Every person who spends time with one of our temptresses. Then compares the encounter to being in seventh heaven. Imagine living your life without ever having experienced such rhapsody. Our city centre girls will guarantee that every time you are with them. You will walk away from the encounter. Feeling on top of the world. Just look at the customer reviews for the escorts. Found on the website to see how true that statement is.

Looking for escorts in Birmingham can be a daunting task. There are so many out there that it is difficult to decide. Which one is the best for you. Our selection of escorts is exquisite. They are probably the best escorts in the city centre. Both in the bed and out of the bed that is. There are so many aspects. That set them aside from the other escorts in the area. Their model looks is one of the reasons. Here girls all have to fit a certain criteria. Should they wish to work at our Bimringham escort agency. By doing this we can assure that we only represent escorts. Having beautiful bodies and faces. At the end of a day. Nobody wants to spend good money. Not on somebody who is not attractive. Another reason as to why our Birmingham escorts are second to none. They are highly skilled women. Our escorts can do things to a man or woman. Things they have never had done to them before.

If you browse through the escorts individual profiles. You will see just how beautiful they are. As well as seeing their individual pages. You will be able to see the escorts profile.  Giving More information as to the services that she provides. It is worth noting. Not all of the Birmingham escorts offer the same services. Each of the girls specialises in something specific. Therefore, it is well worth looking at the their profille pages. Ensuring you find the correct escort girl. If you wish to experience something that you cannot see in her profile. Then our Birmingham escort agency is the place to contact. Our agency offers a very exact. Match making service. We know exactly which escort offers what.

One thing that makes clients wary of many escorts in Birmingham. Is the fact that the photos that they use to advertise themselves. Have usually been edited using technology. This practive is most popular. With independent Birmingham escorts. This is to improve their appearance to get more business. This is something that obviously concerns many people. Our escorts in Birmingham too. Therefore, the only editing that we do to our escorts photos. Is the blurring of her face. Maybe some visible identification marks like tattoos.

A lot of the escorts are very popular with their clients. This means that they tend to have very little last minute bookings availability. It is for this reason that booking in advance is recommended. If, you find yourself, however, at a loose end. Wanting to hire one of our seductresses. Usually it is not a problem. There will always be an escort available. Whom can cater to your every desire. Often available for a last minute booking. The only thing to keep in mind. You might not be able to contract the escort. Which you had originally wanted. For this reason it might be a good idea. At least to choose a couple of escorts. So, when it comes to booking yourself. A period of unadulterated fun. With a Birmingham escort. You will not be disappointed by the lack of availability.

So, if you are looking for value for money Birmingham escorts. Go ahead give us a call. Our highly trained receptionists. Are more than ready to assist you with your reservation.

Birmingham escort agency

Classy Birmingham escort agency. Is an exceptionally professional agency. Giving a very high quality service. Being the best in Birmingham city. We expect the best from all of our escorts. Therefore, we can guarantee that the client will receive a top class service. Much better than that service. You would get from an independent escort. You may well have used escorts. In other Birmingham agencies before. However, we are sure that the experiences. That you will have with one of our escorts. Will be incomparable.

Classy Birmingham escort agency was founded. By an experienced adult industry team. We owe much of our successes. To the escorts and hard work.  That the admin staff put in. Ensuring our continual success.

The world of escorts. Is an ever changing one. It used to be that the average Joe Bloggs. Had to hook up with a common prostitute. tTo get his enjoyment. However, thanks to technology. Birmingham escort agencies are becoming more and more popular. Allowing most people access. To affordable and safe pleasure at the stroke of a key. It is thanks to this technological advancement. That Birmingham escorts agency can provide you now. With such an amazing opportunity! Find all of the escorts you need. In one place without having to leave your sofa. Navigating our website is easy. If you have any questions or queries then contact us. You must keep in mind, however. No escort agency will accept phone calls. From unknown or private numbers. Although, it is not too much of a problem. Should you need to phone from your home or mobile phones. As the number for the escort agency. Is a local number and shows up on your phone bill. Just as if it were a simple call to somebody known.

There are many reasons. As to why men and women. Choose to use the services of a Birmingham escort. Maybe, you are having marital problems. Or have the need to satisfy the marital rights. Ones that you just are not getting at home. Or perhaps, you are a single person. One who does not have the time or the emotional need. Required to enter into a full time relationship. However, you still have the ache caused by the lack of human physical contact. Whatever reasons you may have. You will not have to worry about being judged. Birmingham escort agency is a discreet establishment. No client will ever feel like they are imparting. In any kind of immoral activity. Nor will they be regarded in any kind of negative way. In fact, the agency goes out of its way. Making the clients feel comfortable. Contented with their choice to contact Birmingham escort agency.

Your Classy escorts. From an leading escort service. Are just a few minutes away. Put your faith in us! Finding you the perfect match to your carnal needs. Each person has his or her own tastes and likes. We understand that. Highly trained admin staff.  Will be able to pair you with the escort. She will provide the services that you desire. They will also match you. With the escort that fulfills your physical demands. We have escorts. Steming from all walks of life. All types of appearance. If you cannot find the escort with the profile. Which is the type of girl you want. Please do not despair. Based on what you tell us. We will provide your own personal Aphrodite.

Our clients are so satisfied. With our escort agency in Birmingham. Especially the efficiency of how it is run. They usually become regular clients. It is because of this. We advise all of the clients. Whom wish to rebook with an escort from the Birmingham agency. To make the bookings in advance. As we cannot guarantee. Availability at the time or day. Will always be what you will invariably want.

What is holding you back? Contact us by email today. Send us your questions or enquiries. If your ready to enjoy. Then make a booking by phone this very day. Many escorts giving an girlfriend experience await.

24 hour Birmingham escorts

We have 24 hour Birmingham escorts. Available to provide you with. Every kind of sexual satisfaction that you may need.

Many years ago, working patterns were different than they are today. The conventional 9-5 working day no longer exists. So, it is understandable that clients will want to have a bit of slap and tickle at any time of the day or night. To make this achievable we are a 24 hour Birmingham escort agency. This means that no matter what time you need us. We will always have the phones manned and have escorts working.

Being a 24 hour Birmingham escorts agency and having 24 Birmingham escorts enables us to offer a myriad of services every single day of the year. There are a lot of people who spend holiday period alone. By booking one of our girls this need not happen anymore. Gone are the lonely New Year’s Eve nights spent watching Jools Holland alone with only your lukewarm glass of advocaat to keep you company. If you book one of our escorts she can keep you company and perhaps even accompany you to a celebration.

Men and women who decide to kerb crawl to find a woman willing to offer sexual gratification is limited by only being able to use them during the hours of darkness. By contacting us and contracting the services of a 24 hour Birmingham escort you can be sure that one of our clean, sexy and seductive escorts will be available. Whoever said that a bit of how’s your father should only happen at night was very mistaken. There is nothing more thrilling than a bit of fun during daylight hours.

Another reason as to why 24 hour escorts in Birmingham is fantastic is because it means that you can book an escort any time night or day for any kind of event, no matter how long it will last, you will be certain that your chosen escort will have no problem joining you.

Low cost Birmingham escorts

There is no better value for money than our fully inclusive service. Low cost Birmingham escorts is what you will find when you look at the price page on our website. However, do not be confused by the old adage ‘ you get what you pay for’. Low cost definitely does not mean low quality. At the agency, our main aim is for the client to have the best possible time at an affordable price.

There are other agencies in the area that claim to offer low cost Birmingham escorts, however, when you read the small print, you find that in reality the price is not that low. They usually charge a basic fee for the time booked. Then, on top of that each escort will charge an additional fee for the services that she is asked to perform. When you book one of our low cost escorts in Birmingham you will be relieved to know that there are absolutely no extra charges placed on top of the fee that you see advertised. The only exception to this could be when an escort has to meet the client on an outcall service. In this case a small fee to cover travel expenses might be added. This fee is nominal and is just enough to cover the transport costs. Another thing to remember when booking an escort through our agency, and that is the fact that no two escorts charge a different price. In a nutshell, every escort charges the same rate.

If you are still wondering ‘where is the catch?’ well, there is not one. We believe that honesty and clarity is the best policy. For some extra clarity, we suggest that you take some time to click on the prices page and see just how low cost our Birmingham escorts are. The pricing table is laid out clearly showing the final price for the time wanted.

Classy Birmingham escort girls

Offering you only the classiest of girls at all time. Classy Birmingham escort girls is what you will find at the Classy Birmingham escort agency. The escorts that we have on offer are all very beautiful and educated ladies. Some of them are students and are only escorting part time, whereas others have made a very successful profession out of the industry. All of the escorts, no matter what their age or length of time in the industry, are highly professional and extremely talented in their line of work.

Each and every Birmingham escort has an insatiable hunger for lust and passion. They skillfully merge their needs with their experience to provide toe curling and pure unadulterated fun for their clients.

Do not forget that the classy escort girls are available to work in Birmingham and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can see their clients in either the client’s location of choosing, a hotel, restaurant, their own home, alternatively, the client can visit her in her own apartment. Having both options available it helps the meeting be as comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Something else that makes the classy Birmingham escort girls extra special is their open minded approach to sexual orientation. Most of the escorts are bi sexual. This is a bonus for couples and women. Some of the escorts at the agency will see female clients, whereas at other agencies they do not. Also, with us employing bi sexual escorts we can offer the couples the opportunity to enhance their sex life by adding a third party to the equation. Many couples love the thrill of using the escorts in this situation.

Whatever reasons you may have to want to use a Birmingham escort and under what capacity you would to introduce her abilities into your life, you can rest assured that it will be carried out with complete professionalism and discretion.

High class escort service

The question on most people’s lips is ‘Why Classy Birmingham escorts are the best?’ The answer is simple. With a Classy Birmingham escort you can live out every single fantasy that you have ever had without having to find a girlfriend who will partake in all of it. Let’s face it, we all have those little fantasies hidden away somewhere. Not all of us are lucky enough to turn them into a reality, especially in a relationship. There are always barriers, or the thought that your partner might judge you. Classy Birmingham escorts are the best option in these circumstances because you know that she will never make you feel like your fantasies are weird. Trust us when we say, our Birmingham escorts have vast experience and they have probably indulged in every fantasy known to man.

Our Birmingham escorts are not only available to indulge in fantasies. They can help their clients to overcome mental boundaries. Or maybe you need some extra practice to improve on what you have learned so far, or to perfect a skill and later perform it on your partner. Birmingham escorts know what they are doing and they do it with ease. You will feel comfortable with the from the get go. There is no need to be fumbling under the sheets due to nerves as they will help and guide you to develop your skills.

Another absolutely fantastic reason as to why our Birmingham escorts are the best is because they are highly professional women. They will keep all meetings confidential. This also includes when contracting her for an outcall service and she is needed to accompany you to a public occasion.

Our Birmingham escorts will help to make the encounter as convenient as possible for the client. The agency provides clean, bijoux apartments, which are centrally located, perfect for the client who wants to pop in and pop out whilst maintaining his anonymity.

If you are looking for something different than a standard escort, why not hire one of our high class Birmingham escorts. These escorts are perfect for the debonaire gentleman who is used to a touch of class. The Birmingham escorts who offer this high class service are pure ladies. They are sophisticated and seductive all at the same time. They are able to converse about any subject at a high level, whether it be politics, current affairs or even religion.

One thing that can be assured when booking a high class Birmingham escort and that is you know you will have an elegant lady on your arm who will fit in situation. All of the high class escorts are beautiful women with bodies to die for. They know how to look the part when out and about. Their clothing is that of high quality, as is their lingerie, which is an important factor for when after dinner cocktails are over.

Our high class Birmingham escorts look like models, have the air and sophistication of an aristocrat and the dirty mind of a horny temptress. Combine this with her thirst for carnal pleasures and experience of indulging in such acts, she is the perfect companion for any person looking for a bit of class.

We are very demanding when selecting an escort of this calibre. We ensure that the escort is experienced in many aspects and also takes pride in her appearance. By being like this we can be 100% certain that there will never be any regrets when hiring her services.

When booking a high class escort you will booking one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. It does not matter whether your reasons for booking her are for leisure or business, one thing that is guaranteed is that pleasure will be at the forefront of the time spent with her.

Benefits of bookings escorts

The benefits of booking Birmingham escorts are many. However, not everybody has the same, stereotypical motivation. One of the benefits is for companion. Some people find themselves in a happy life, great job, brilliant friends, but, at night they are alone at home and do not have anybody who they can tell how their days has gone. By having an escort visit you in your home, you can sit and chat and have a relaxing conversation with a person who you know will not judge you. OK, so, you might think that friends can do the same. That is where you are mistaken. We all know that the mundane routine of life is not something that we tend to share with our friends. Also, sometimes, we do not want to hear other people’s opinions on a specific matter. With a classy Birmingham escort listening to you, you know she will listen without giving her opinion on your actions, unless you specifically want her to.

Another one of the benefits of booking Birmingham escorts is that maybe you want to impress your colleagues at a work do or business function, in fact at any social event. An escort will always act with a certain demeanor, one of sophistication and professionalism. Her conversational skills, charm and well dressed appearance will fool people into thinking that the escort is your date for the evening. Nobody will ever suspect that she is an escort.

An additional benefit of booking escorts in Birmingham is the knowledge that they are very fastidious with regards to hygiene. They have high scruples and this is obvious upon meeting.

Finally, the biggest benefit of booking Birmingham escorts, especially for the client who is already constrained by marital obligation is anonymity. Imagine the scenario…you are in need of extra marital fun, you hook up with a girl and after a while she wants more. She constantly calls you at home or on your mobile and you run the risk of her turning up at your house. With a Classy Birmingham escort, she is there for when you need her and nothing else. No complications. Just pure, unadulterated, complication free fun.

Classy Birmingham escorts takes a huge amount of pride in providing the best customer services to their clients. Every client who wishes to contract the services of one of our Birmingham escorts is able to communicate directly to the customer services department any time night or day. There is a simple email to fill in on the website, where enquiries can be made. The prompt reply you will receive is impressive. If you wish to contact the call desk and make a booking with one of our Birmingham escorts then you will find the fact that we attend calls and take bookings 24 hours a day is a huge convenience.

Another thing that is notable about the Birmingham escorts and the agency too is it’s close attention to the small details. These small details all contribute to client satisfaction. On each escort’s page you will be able to see just how satisfied they have left their clients by reading the escort review. These reviews are 100% genuine and are left by real customers.

Finally, the agency has a strict policy with regards to openness and honesty. Therefore, in the picture gallery you will only find true to life photos. We hate the fact that other agencies enhance their escort’s photos with online programmes like Photoshop. We do not agree that clients book an escort based on a false photo. This is false advertising and we vehemently refuse to edit our Birmingham escort’s photos. The only time you will see a photo that has been digitally altered is when the escort has requested that we blur her face or/and her tattoos. This is only done to protect the identity of the escort and for no other reason. This is also an advantage for the client. As it also protects her identity when out in public on an outcall.


Highest Quality Escorts
I have now have the pleasure of visiting over 40 different escorts from this agency. They are all of the highest quality and all gave me what I was promised. A very trustworthy escort agency. By far the best one in Birmingham.
Faultless local escort service
After using a local escort serivce in my home town. Being very happy with the girls and services they give me. I was not sure what to expect when I had to come to Birmingham on Business. From the moment my phone call was answered, I was shrouded in confidence. The profressionalism of Classy Birmingham escorts is second to none. A complete and personal service that outshines any I have used in over 25 years of punting. Faultless from start to finish.
A real great experience
After trying many different escort services in Birmingham. I never felt at all content. But then I came across classy. After several not so good experiences I was of course a little more than doubtful. Now after 23 meetings with girls from this sites. Only once did I have a slightly unhappy moment, but I spoke with the agency and they rectified to more than my satisfaction. I feel safe here and their honestly is something else. Now every time I book an escort, I am looking forward to it and not worrying about it. Now I know I am going to be getting a real great experience!


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